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Every THRIVE event features powerful and inspiring presenters from throughout the staffing industry, who will share lessons learned and effective growth strategies that have propelled their careers and positioned them for continued success.


Welcome to THRIVE Virtual 2022! Below, you will find access to each session as we move throughout the day. Click on the “Launch Session” button to enter. All times listed below are in Eastern time.

The THRIVE presenters have put together resources for you to access before, during, and after this event. Click here to download these resources.

1:30–1:45 p.m.

Welcome and Introduction

1:45–2:30 p.m.

Keynote Presentation: Seek Harmony, Not Balance

Presented by best-selling author and award-winning thought leader Shennice Cleckley, chief executive officer of Smart Cookie

Do you ever say to yourself: There’s just not enough time in the day…? Do you ever look at your growing to-do list and wonder how you’ll ever get it all done? Do you find yourself at the end of the workday wishing you had spent your time differently?

All of these are examples of how we try to achieve “balance” between what our work demands from us and our life requires of us. Balance is when you’re trying to make everything equal. The truth is, trying to achieve balance can drive you bonkers!

Instead, THRIVE keynote presenter Shennice Cleckley invites you to embrace work-life harmony. Harmony allows you to prioritize what’s important for you at the time that it’s important. It also allows for you to flow. It gives you the ability to put a little more energy here or a little more energy there, which enables you to truly choose what’s best for your life based on who you want to be and where you want to go.

With work-life harmony, there’s no guilt or shame. Why? Because you’re making a choice, not bending to demands under pressure. Cleckley will teach you how to accomplish this. Don’t miss this inspiring, empowering, and strategic keynote presentation.

2:30–3 p.m.

Networking With Peers

Network with your peers in small groups, discuss takeaways from the keynote, and pregame for the THRIVE sessions coming next.

3:15-4:15 p.m. (Choose which breakout session you would like to attend)

Breakout Session: Four Steps to Manifesting and Upleveling Your Life

Presenter: Cassandra Bodzak, best-selling author and spiritual mentor

During this breakout session, best-selling author and spiritual mentor Cassandra Bodzak will guide you through the four steps to becoming a conscious creator of your life. You'll learn how to take your power back as the director of the movie you are starring in (aka your life), get clear on what your heart's desires are, learn how to release your fears and overcome your limiting beliefs, and finally, step into the next-level you. Grab a notebook, because you are going to want to jot down this process to utilize again and again to help bring your dreams into your reality.

Take part in a lively and inspiring discussion with Bodzak, author of Manifesting Through Meditation: 100 Guided Practices to Harness the Power of Your Thoughts and Create the Life You Want.

Breakout Session: Achieving Self-Empowerment

Presented by Stephynie Malik, chief executive officer and founder, SMALIK Enterprises

What does empowerment mean to you? Some of the many responses to this question include becoming stronger and more confident; having the freedom to make choices; getting respect and confidence; seeing something and saying something; and taking control of your life—personally and professionally.

Join this breakout session with powerhouse Malik for real, actionable guidance around these important areas of empowerment. She will coach you on having difficult conversations and addressing uncomfortable environments, taking your power back, being equipped to take action, and more.

Come to this session prepared to interact with Malik and share your story.

4:20–5 p.m.

Staffing Industry Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs: A Panel Discussion

Facilitator: Ginnette Harvey, founder and chief executive officer, Harper & Gray
Panelists include: Hannah Donaldson, chief executive officer, Meet; Marina Perla, chief executive officer and founder, Mojo Trek; Nina Vaca, chief executive officer and chairman, Pinnacle Group

Hear from and interact with an impressive slate of inspiring women from throughout the staffing and recruiting industry who will share their challenges, strategies, and results.

5:15–6 p.m.

Session: The Inclusive Leader; Closing Remarks

Presenters: Asfa Malik, founder and chief executive officer, Growth-Minded Consulting, and Ginnette Harvey, chief executive officer and founder, Harper & Gray

Wrap up your THRIVE experience with a high-impact session from two powerful women.

Then take part in an online group photo as we stand together as a community to effect change and Break the Bias in honor of International Women’s Day. Learn more about the movement and how to strike the IWD #BreakTheBias pose here.


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