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ExecuVision 2022 Has Been Postponed

Previously scheduled for Jan. 24–25, ExecuVision 2022 has been postponed. All current registrations have been applied to the new date, which will be announced shortly. ASA will honor requests for refunds. Please email e**********@americanstaffing.net or call 703-253-2020.

Enhancing diversity and inclusion at your firm isn’t just the right thing to do—it has major potential to drive innovation and business growth.

Join your senior-level staffing peers for “Inclusive Leadership for Business Impact,” a masterclass session at ASA ExecuVision. This interactive discussion is presented by Rosalind Hudnell, retired vice president of human resources, chair, and president of the Intel Foundation, and Intel’s first chief diversity officer.

Masterclass Highlights

  • Gain insights into inclusive leadership styles and how to build an authentic brand.
  • Develop an awareness of your personal blind spots and how they affect leadership decisions.
  • Learn how to assess whether your leadership team is truly inclusive and ready to lead fully.
  • Leave with a toolkit and best practices for how to navigate one of the most complex issues a staffing leader will face.

More About Rosalind Hudnell and the ExecuVision Masterclass

According to a recent report by McKinsey & Co., the CEO’s job is a difficult as it is important. The high standards and broad expectations of directors, shareholders, customers, and employees create an environment of relentless scrutiny in which one move can dramatically make or derail an accomplished career. Excellent CEOs approach the role’s six elements with certain mindsets and adhere to 18 practices when fulfilling their unique responsibilities. And while the word “diversity” is not expressly articulated, those who do not understand it is now embedded everywhere will find themselves continually behind what has become an executive leadership expectation. And while most have embraced the concept and have resourced entire diversity organizations with chief diversity officers at the helm, growing diversity is directly tied to not just representation but how leaders role model inclusion in their behaviors and expectations starting with the CEO.

Several studies have quantified the impact inclusive leadership styles are having on business growth. Individuals who feel more included are more likely to drive greater innovation, address challenges openly, conduct more productive conversations and give a greater level of discretionary effort all necessary to lift organizational performance. The role of a CEO in setting the tone and driving the culture of the company is clear. CEOs who role-model inclusion lead their organizations to better adapt to diverse customers, markets, ideas, and talent.

Learning is critical and CEOs need an opportunity to strengthen this leadership capability in an environment of safety, confidentiality, and expertise alongside their peer community. This masterclass on inclusive leadership is a unique opportunity to do just that.

Rosalind Hudnell, retired vice president of human resources, chair, and president of the Intel Foundation, and Intel’s first chief diversity officer, led the organization’s $1 billion commitment which transformed an industry. Her approach is pragmatic and practical with a business growth mindset focused on realistic results. Her deep and unparalleled experience working with c-suite executives from the boardroom to the White House to the World Economic Forum allows her to build executive learning through an experiential lens of helping leaders navigate decisions—the hard ones in inclusive ways that role model the traits necessary to effectively lead in the new world.

She will take each CEO through a journey that will help provide the relevant insights into inclusive leadership styles and how to build an authentic brand necessary for this unique leadership moment. This session will build on how to develop a level of personal commitment to inclusive leadership that is relevant, authentic, pragmatic, and practical.

This session will utilize quantitative, qualitative, and experiential case studies that will focus through interactive discussion and practice. Leaders will be challenged to engage a growth mindset focused on driving greater awareness, accountability, and cultural competence all critical to achieving inclusive leadership.

Specific areas of discussion:

  • How to develop a stronger awareness for personal blind spots and how they play out in the process and system of leadership decisions and opportunities.
  • What it takes to build a stronger “muscle” for curiosity of others that allows for improved listening and learning.
  • How can you get smarter about cultural intelligence and how it impacts how others perceive and respond to you in ways that are mutually safe.
  • Understand how communications, especially executive communications impact the inclusive leadership brand of a CEO and the organization.
  • Discuss the role of the chief diversity officer and how it impacts inclusive leadership beyond HR and the role of the CEO in advocating and assessing success.
  • How to navigate risk in stepping out and speaking up in ways that can be inclusive versus disruptive.
  • How to assess your leadership team. Are they truly inclusive and ready to lead fully?
  • What role does your board play if at all in building an inclusive organization?

This ExecuVision masterclass will provide CEOs with a tool kit designed for them to use immediately. They will be guided with setting their own vision and objectives for performance along with setting a strategic direction for inclusion by helping articulate how they expect their leaders to lead and what their personal role will be in role modeling. This is not your typical diversity and inclusion training. It is a true masterclass in how to navigate one of the most complex issues a CEO will face.


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