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ExecuVision 2022 Has Been Postponed

Previously scheduled for Jan. 24–25, ExecuVision 2022 has been postponed. All current registrations have been applied to the new date, which will be announced shortly. ASA will honor requests for refunds. Please email e**********@americanstaffing.net or call 703-253-2020.                                                  

Speed Talks: Leading Through Disruption

8:07–8:22 a.m.

Big Disruptions=Big Solutions: Redefining the Industry

Lauren B. Jones, founder, Leap Consulting Solutions

What did we all take away from the past year and a half? Our industry proved that we can move quicky to adapt and overcome. During this strategic discussion, Jones will touch on the biggest disruptions of the past year and a half and how she coached staffing executives to overcome and stay competitive. Hear case studies of great successes and great failures as we look back on those past concerns and the new technologies needed to adapt.
8:24–8:39 a.m.

The Future of Recruiting: Emerging Trends and Opportunities

Gene Waddy, Co-founder and CEO, DIVERSANT; founder, Alpha Business Solutions

Prior to Covid-19 and the Great Resignation, the staffing industry took for granted innovations that other industries integrated into their business processes and culture. We liked to boast to clients about adopting cutting-edge technologies such as video interviewing when for many clients such technology was already a part of their normal operations. When faced with the business disruption caused by the pandemic, much of the industry saw developments such as the remote workplace, chatbots, AI, and the blockchain as threats. The firms that are able to view these as opportunities rather than threats will realize a significant strategic advantage in a turbulent labor market. It’s time to reassess the value that the industry can bring by being proactive rather than reactive to the latest technological and cultural developments. This session will help owners and executives effectively navigate what’s to come and learn to lead rather than follow.
8:41–8:56 a.m.

If Change Wasn’t So Hard, Would Work Still Be Fun?

Daniel Masata, founder and CEO, Volonte

The state of change in the staffing industry is continuous now more so than ever. Change happens every day—somedays being more dramatic than others. Leaders in the industry have to be in the right mindset to tackle these changes. However, it doesn’t stop there. Embracing technology, leveraging powerful teams, and being adept at knowing what comes next instead of focusing on what’s happening now is critical—and what’s needed to adapt and grow How agile is your organization? Are you capitalizing on opportunities to get ahead of the market? How will you seize new opportunities for sustained growth? And how do you help your teams keep pace with you?
8:58–9:23 a.m.

Open Discussion With Speed Talk Presenters

Facilitated by Leo Sheridan, CEO, Advanced Group LLC
9:25–9:40 a.m.



Speed Talks: Growing Your Business

8:07–8:22 a.m.

The Timeless Role of Leaders: Growth in a People-First Culture

Kye Mitchell, COO, Kforce

How do you grow a people-first culture? How are we working differently now than in 2020? And how is all of this impacting our people? During this strategic discussion, will navigate you through what staffing executives should be thinking about right now and how this will change over the next six, 12, 18 months—the latest thoughts on what you need to know to respond to the challenges of the current moment and beyond.
10–10:15 a.m.

Accelerated M&A Integration to Drive Outside Growth

Art Papas, CEO, Bullhorn

Presentation details coming soon.
10:17–10:32 a.m.

Technology: A Catalyst for Growth

John Matthews, Managing Partner, Regents Consulting

Presentation details coming soon.
10:34–10:59 a.m.

Open Discussion With Presenters

Facilitated by Joanie Bily, President, RemX division of EmployBridge Holding Co.
11–11:15 a.m.



Speed Talks: Public Policy and Legal Topics

11:17–11:35 a.m.

Emerging Legal Landscapes: Top Challenges Business Leaders Need to Know

Stephen Dwyer, Esq., Senior Vice President and Chief Legal and Operating Officer, American Staffing Association; Toby Malara, Esq., Vice President, Government Relations, American Staffing Association

What comes to mind when you think of the challenges your company faces? Fierce competition? Shortage of talent? Demanding clients? What most executives miss is the constantly changing regulatory environment we operate in. What you don’t know could cost you. Hear about legal challenges that could drastically impact your bottom line.
11:36–11:49 a.m.

Safeguarding the Industry from Growth-Limiting International Public Policies

Bettina Schaller, President, World Employment Confederation

This strategic discussion focuses on laws and regulations that restrict the staffing industry in other countries and the groups and movements behind them. Through understanding regulatory trends occurring overseas, you will be better equipped to identify similar domestic trends and plan accordingly. What can we as an industry do on the front lines to protect and advance industry interests?
11:50 a.m.–12:15 p.m.

Open Discussion With Presenters

Facilitated by Peter Quigley, President and CEO, Kelly
12:15–1:30 p.m.

Networking Lunch


Speed Talks: Driving Exponential Growth

1:35–1:50 p.m.

The Redefined Role of M&A

Thomas Bailey, Managing Director, Houlihan Lokey

There has been an evolution in the mergers and acquisition space. We now need to think beyond the customary human capital and M&A market. This strategic discussion goes deep into the underbelly of deals; this is not your traditional M&A session on volumes and valuation. Attendees will delve into the nuances of recent M&A transactions including negotiation, structure, and tactics.
1:52–2:07 p.m.

Private Equity: Is It For Me?

Jarryd Levine, Managing Director, Stone Point Capital

For staffing companies flirting with the idea of acquisition via a private equity firm, the process for making such important and strategic decisions can be confusing and frustrating, especially when the staffing company has all its financial ducks in a row and is still unable to get the attention of investors. In this session, Levine of Stone Point Capital will go over the factors that contribute to private equity’s valuation of firms, including determining factors that go beyond the balance sheet. He will also cover criteria that companies should consider when trying to determine whether the move is the correct one for them. Through looking at actual case studies and factors that private equity firms use in their determinations, owners and executives will walk away with better knowledge of how to prepare their companies for acquisition and/or determine whether they should consider acquisition through private equity at all.
2:09–2:24 p.m.

Fostering Company Culture In Acquisitions

Shane Jackson, President, Jackson Healthcare

Most executives agree that culture is critical to success, but it rarely shows up on an acquisition due diligence checklist. How can companies predict cultural fit (or issues from a lack of it) post-merger? How should they think about merging cultures during integration? Join this discussion to revisit case studies of successful and unsuccessful acquisitions—and walk away from this Speed Talk with strategies that lay the groundwork for a more successful acquisition integration.
2:25–2:50 p.m.

Open Discussion With Presenters

Facilitated by Jeff Bowling, CEO, Curative
2:50–3 p.m.

Closing Remarks

Richard Wahlquist, president and CEO, American Staffing Association


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