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The Safety Standard of Excellence program focus is developing and maintaining best practices, specifically for the staffing and workforce solutions industry. Those seeking the SSE program Mark, seek to achieve a level of safety performance well beyond compliance. Detailed information about the SSE program can be found in the Program Guide.

The program is designed to fit within your staffing firm’s timeline and budget. Upon initial review of the assessment criteria, some companies will feel they are ready to pursue the Mark. Others may find they need assistance, resources, time, or tools to help ready them for the rigorous assessment process. This flow chart illustrates the SSE program from application to renewal.

The SSE Assessment

The SSE program assessment compiles best practices from ASA, NSC, and OSHA’s Temporary Worker Initiative. The assessment deals only with a staffing firm’s practices pertaining to temporary worker safety. Below are resources to help you understand the SSE assessment criteria, how they are scored, how to prepare for the assessment, and what to expect in the report.

SSE assessment costs are dependent on company structures, size, and file management practices. Assessment fees for ASA members range from $3,300 to $18,000 (see chart):

Number of Branch Offices Number of Assessments Fees
1-3 Corporate Office $3,330
4-9 Corporate + 1 Branch $5,400
10-19 Corporate + 2 Branches $7,500
20-29 Corporate + 3 Branches $9,600
30-39 Corporate + 4 Branches $11,700
40-49 Corporate + 5 Branches $13,800
50-59 Corporate + 6 Branches $15,900
60+ Corporate + 7 Branches $18,000

Leverage the SSE Mark

 Once your staffing firm has earned the SSE program Mark, the contact who registered for the program will receive a certificate, custom SSE program logo to use for marketing purposes, and a marketing toolkit including a press release template, sample social media messages and word track to use when speaking with potential clients about this exclusive Mark. If additional custom logos are desired for brands under the same management as the applying firm, these can be ordered for $275 per brand.

Renewal of the SSE Program Mark

 The renewal fee does not include assessments, which are required to renew us of the Mark every two years. Payment of the renewal application fee does not guarantee continued use of the Mark.

Learn more about renewal fees, requirements, and deadlines.


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