Use this template to share with the news media how your staffing company is celebrating this commemorative week and how agencies contribute to the economy of your state. By taking part in National Staffing Employee Week, your staffing company communicates to job seekers, clients, and your local business community just how much you value your temporary and contract employees.

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[Insert name of staffing company] Honors Contributions of Temporary, Contract Employees to [State’s] Economy

Celebrations Planned for National Staffing Employee Week, Sept. 12-18

[Insert City, State Postal Abbreviation, insert date]—[Insert name of staffing company], based in [insert city] is joining staffing agencies from across the nation in celebrating National Staffing Employee Week, Sept. 12-18. Established by the American Staffing Association, this commemorative week honors the millions of temporary and contract employees working for U.S. staffing agencies each week.

In [insert state] alone, [insert number] temporary and contract employees work in the staffing and recruiting industry every week. These positions are across industry sectors and professions, and the majority are full-time. These jobs also can lead to permanent work, according to ASA research.

NOTE: You can obtain the number of temporary and contract employees working for firms in your state by visiting

[Insert a quote about National Staffing Employee Week and your company’s pride about in the staffing industry and contributions of its temporary and contract employees. Here is an example: “National Staffing Employee Week salutes the temporary and contract employees who contribute to the economy of [insert state] and that of the entire nation,” said [insert name of senior executive], [insert title] with [insert name of staffing agency]. “[Insert staffing company name] is proud to be part of an industry that provides jobs to employees and flexible workforce solutions to businesses and contributes to the economy.”]

[Insert name of staffing company] is celebrating National Staffing Week by [insert any company activities, for instance the announcement of its own staffing employee of the year, special events or ceremonies during that week, thank-you notes and gifts for employees (e.g., gift cards in their pay envelopes), lunches or breakfasts].

To learn more about [insert name of staffing agency], visit [insert hyperlinked company website URL].

To learn more about the staffing and recruiting industry in [insert state], visit


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