Lockton Companies was founded in 1966 by Jack Lockton (1942-2004) in Kansas City. Lockton’s success flows from our commitment “to provide the most uncommon results and service in the most common business.” To achieve this goal, we recruit and retain highly talented, motivated people and arm them with the tools and resources to make our clients’ businesses better.

This philosophy has allowed us to lead the industry in client loyalty: 96 percent annually. Our clients enthusiastically refer us to new opportunities, fueling our success. We consider that to be the highest compliment we can receive.

Made up of 1,000 Associates, we have experts in insurance, risk management, employee benefits, and retirement services all housed in Kansas City. We understand how our clients’ businesses run and are focused on making them better. We are dedicated to improving your bottom line, managing your capital and protecting your people, your property and your reputation.