Passion. Innovation. Scalability.

People 2.0 was founded in 2001 by people who know the staffing business because they’ve been there. Our team members have owned, operated, built and sold their staffing firms. We love it. And we’ve learned along the way what makes it tough for staffing agencies to grow and thrive.

Time wasted on non-revenue-producing activities. Excessive capital expenditures. Risk management challenges and regulatory compliance. Administrative overhead and systems issues. Cash flow crunches. While the big firms keep getting bigger, making it even harder for the rest to compete.

But we can work together.

By bringing powerful, integrated systems, expanded resources and expert technical support, People 2.0 significantly increases a staffing company’s operating capacity, productivity and scalability.

People 2.0 created the idea of comprehensive back office services to help staffing firms achieve optimal efficiency. Other companies have tried to imitate us, but cannot match our incomparable levels of support, service and industry knowledge.

We support staffing firms in all industry sectors and all across the U.S. We know individual companies have very different needs. And we are equipped to meet just about all of them.