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Welcome to the world of opportunity. America’s staffing companies match millions of people to millions of jobs that offer competitive pay, a bridge to permanent employment, flexibility, and other benefits. Whether you’re a skilled assembly line worker or a senior executive, whether you’re looking for a short assignment or a permanent position, you can get started to find the perfect job right here.

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Why choose to work for an ASA member company? ASA members pledge to adhere to a strict code of ethics and best practices—most of which have to do with their employees. Because ASA promotes legal, ethical, and professional practices for the staffing industry, you can be assured that its members are kept abreast of the latest developments in labor laws and human resource best practices. In fact, one of the principal missions of ASA is to encourage high standards of ethical conduct in dealings with employees, clients, and competitors.

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How to Choose a Staffing Company

Whether you want a temporary job or permanent position, working for a staffing company is a great career move. America’s staffing companies match millions of people to millions of jobs. And millions of staffing employees are able to bridge from temporary or contract work to permanent positions.

Decide What Kind of Employment You Want

Are you looking for a temporary or permanent job? The staffing industry offers three main types of job placements:

  • Temporary or contract: You work for a staffing firm and are assigned to clients on an interim basis.
  • Temporary-to-permanent or temporary-to-hire: You work for a staffing firm client on a trial basis to determine if the position is a good fit for your skills, interests, and career goals. If so, the assignment may transition to a permanent position.
  • Direct hire or permanent: You are recruited by the staffing firm for a permanent position with its client.

As a staffing employee, you can work in virtually any occupation. Today’s staffing employees include truck drivers, accountants, software engineers, nurses, call center operators, graphic designers, machinists, sales professionals, programmers, and much more.

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Pick the Company That’s Right For You

Just as a firm wants to find talented employees, you want a firm that will suit your needs. Follow these tips to find the right staffing company.

  1. Determine your skills. Make a list of your skills, talents, knowledge, and education. Think about your values, interests, aptitude, personality, and desired lifestyle. These are the all-important first steps in charting your career path. If you don’t have a résumé, write one now, or review and update the one you already have; follow these tips.
  2. Learn all you can about the jobs that interest you. Pay attention to educational requirements, salaries, working conditions, upward mobility, and future outlook.
  3. Check out the staffing firm(s) you’ve picked. Ask your friends, neighbors, relatives, and business acquaintances what they know about any company you’re considering. Visit their websites. Look for the “Member of American Staffing Association” logo; if you can’t find it, move that company further down on your list. The site should give you a good idea of the kinds of jobs the firm offers. Most also let you apply online.
  4. Pay attention to how you are treated. Were you greeted politely on the phone? What was the atmosphere in the office when you visited? Tell the firm what you want. Let the firm’s recruiters know what work you want, where, and your ideal schedule.
  5. Be persistent and patient. Sometimes a staffing firm will have an assignment waiting for someone like you. Sometimes it takes a while to find a client that needs your skills—or it takes the client a while to respond. Check in with any staffing firm you’ve contacted at least once a week to remind them of your interest and demonstrate your eagerness.

America’s staffing companies match millions of people to millions of jobs, every day. There’s one that’s right for you—go get it!