ASA Member Spotlight: Sharon Pancamo

ASA members are the association’s most valuable asset. Here ASA for You features an interview with Sharon Pancamo, area safety manager for Elwood Staffing Services and chairman of the ASA safety committee.

Sharon Pancamo, of Elwood Staffing Services

Sharon Pancamo, of Elwood Staffing Services

ASA: What is your role at Elwood Staffing?

Pancamo: As area safety manager for Elwood I’m responsible for making sure all of our branches are properly trained and prepared to make sound decisions relating to risk management, safety, and the clients we partner with. These sound decisions keep our associates from being placed in potentially dangerous situations and ultimately increase our company profitability.
I also provide Elwood’s managers with general OSHA outreach training, which ensures that Elwood branches are knowledgeable enough to proactively change the client environment t so it is safer for associates.

ASA: What is your role on the ASA safety committee? And what are the committee’s objectives?

Pancamo: My role as chairman of the ASA safety committee involves facilitating many calls and meetings between ASA, the OSHA team, and other safety experts to constantly review progress of our safety initiatives. I also offer guidance to ASA staff on any safety issues that may arise.
ASA uses the safety committee as a resource to educate and engage with member companies. The committee is active in ASAPro webinars; workshops and discussion panels at the ASA annual convention and expo, Staffing World®, as well as the ASA Staffing Law Conference; and much more.

Right now, the main focus of the committee is advising OSHA on important temporary worker safety issues, reviewing safety documentation and advisories that the agency will release, and educating staffing firms on temporary worker safety.

ASA: Why did the ASA safety committee create the Employee Safety Best Practices and Operating Information?

Pancamo: The employee safety best practices are just one of the many value-added services that ASA offers. There’s no need for each staffing firm to reinvent the wheel; the safety committee is a panel of experts with the knowledge and experience necessary to put together the “best of the best” when it comes to safety know-how. By sharing this info, ASA is upholding its promise to relay important industry information to its members. This type of information can be especially helpful to smaller companies that may not have the staff or resources to conduct such research.

ASA: What are some common hazards that exist in the temporary staffing industry, and what is the best way for a staffing firm to reduce the risk associated with those hazards?

Pancamo: Back injuries, cuts, and strains are typical in any industry. The most important thing staffing firms can do to reduce the risk of injury is to do a site assessment, including a site visit, before placing an associate. Firms need to ask a client questions about its training program, first-day orientation, and other worksite safety precautions to determine if it will be a good partner.

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