Top 10 Trends for Staffing in 2021

By Adam Stone

1 Disruption


In business, “disruption” is a positive force. It’s a way of describing innovations that create new markets and new value. “Positive disruption—or continually reinventing yourself and your brand—can better help people and organizations become more innovative and learn how to stay relevant,” according to an analysis of business disruption published in Forbes magazine recently.

Staffing companies can embrace disruption by rethinking the nature of work, and by adapting training to meet the new model.

Jobs are over: The future is income generation,” says future-of-work strategist Heather E. McGowan, whose think tank, Work to Learn, promotes a vision of future work driven by continuous education and adaptation.

“We have to let go of who we think we are and how we’ve always done things, which can get in our way. It’s not about driving productivity anymore because technology can do most of that; it can drive that efficiency. Now it’s about inspiring human potential, and that’s an entirely different thing,” McGowan explains.

For staffing professionals, truly embracing disruption requires a new mindset. “The reality is that we need to look at upskilling, which is deepening your skills, and reskilling, which is broadening and putting skills into new areas,” McGowan adds. “This is something you need to do every day, personally and for your employees. Your job is moving every day and if you’re not moving with it, it’s moving away from you.”