Top 10 Trends for Staffing in 2021

By Adam Stone

5 Adaptation


In the world of commerce, change is the only constant. Those who cannot adapt, perish. Staffing firms need a mindset of constant adaptation to compete effectively in an everchanging world.

Why do people pursue temporary and contract work? According to ASA research, 61% of surveyed workers say they choose staffing to fill the gap between jobs, or as a way to help them gain access to and land a permanent job. But that’s a moving target: As the economy surges and contracts, workers’ motivations change, and staffing firms need to follow those shifts to position themselves strategically.

The nature of staffing itself is likewise always in flux. An ASA survey of more than 8,200 temporary and contract workers in the U.S. found that 40% are in jobs that require higher education and skills: fields like engineering, information technology, and health care. But that figure also evolves over time. A surge in housing starts, for instance, will spark demand for construction labor, or a post-Covid return to dining out could drive demand in hospitality.

With the needs of the business community constantly in flux, an adaptation mindset is a hallmark of success among the leading staffing firms.