Health Care Reform

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  • Achieving compliance, implementing sound business strategy, and conserve margins—all while satisfying ACA provisions. More ›

  • The Obama administration’s July 2013 announcement, delaying enforcement of the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act by one year, has affected not only when employees must be offered health insurance coverage but also the period for determining who a full-time employee is for purposes of that obligation. This article explores how the delay affected those determinations. More ›

  • As staffing firms get ready for the employer shared responsibility provisions of the Affordable Care Act to take effect Jan. 1, questions abound regarding the mechanics of offering coverage to their temporary and contract employees and the rules for enrolling those employees. ASA legal experts have prepared a comprehensive document that addresses frequently asked questions. More ›

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  • Bloomberg BNA Alden J. Bianchi; Edward A. Lenz The vast majority of staffing firms likely meet the criteria for common law employer status under the Affordable Care Act, according to a new analysis by staffing law experts in the latest BloombergBNA Tax Management Memorandum. Most staffing firms should meet the criteria because they not only… More ›

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  • Some staffing firm clients are requiring staffing firms to offer Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance coverage to the employees assigned to the client. More ›

    Affordable Care Act
  • Some insurance carriers are starting to respond to employers’ need for Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance plans with lower participation requirements and price points than have been previously available. More ›

  • The Affordable Care Act and its employer mandates take effect in just a few months—does your firm have a reliable compliance plan in place? Get reliable, industry-specific information fast. More ›

  • Late yesterday, after many months of delay, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service published draft reporting forms that the Affordable Care Act requires employers and insurers to submit annually under IRS Code sections 6055 and 6056. More ›


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