Speed Talk Descriptions



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Leadership and Growth

  • Talent, Business, and Competition: A New World of Diversity and Inclusion
    Andy Hilger, president, Allegis Group Inc.

    Gain an informed perspective on how today’s smartest companies are turning diversity and inclusion into a talent and business advantage to achieve workplace success. This Speed Talk will focus on fostering an inclusive work environment-a strategic goal staffing companies can embrace to help ensure that all employees thrive.

  • Retention, Promotion, Replacement: Leadership Transitions During Growth
    Greg Netland, founder and principal, The Netland Group

    Leadership development is a term that everyone knows is important, but many executives miss some of the most critical aspects-including structure, timing, and, more specifically, the willingness to move key people out of key roles at the right times. This Speed Talk will focus on retention, promotion, and replacement as a strategic concept and discuss real-world examples of why the timing of these three choices is critical to fueling growth.

  • What You Should Look for in Leaders
    Shane Jackson, president, Jackson Healthcare

    We all know that great leaders are key to building successful teams, but why are great leaders so hard to find? And why is it so difficult to bring in leaders from outside the organization? This Speed Talk will focus on what to look for in leaders so that they fit your team’s culture and also have a high likelihood of success.

  • Open Discussion With Presenters
    Facilitated by Leo Sheridan, CEO, Advanced Group LLC

Operational Excellence

  • Future Proofing Your Business: Technology and the Agile Organization
    Brian Delle Donne, president, Talent Tech Labs

    Successful companies undoubtedly will leverage technology in the future, and there is certainly a lot to choose from. Deciding which technology strategies to implement, when to do so, and staying on top of the latest tech is increasingly more difficult. To truly be future-ready, staffing firms must be highly adaptive in embracing change as the new normal—and technology is only part of the answer.

  • Digital Transformation Simplified
    Tim Blett, CEO and partner, eMAXX Partners Inc.

    Although most executives believe that digital transformation is essential to success in the future, it is not always obvious what digital transformation is—or how to approach it. What is certain is that customers are driving it and the c-suite needs to solve for it. This Speed Talk will demonstrate why customer experience (CX) is the new currency for growth.

  • Meeting Current and Future Workforce Needs With a New Learning Ecosystem
    Janet Salm, managing director of research, Strada Institute for the Future of Work

    Technology’s transformation of nearly every facet of the U.S. economy means that we all must develop new skills and knowledge at a pace—and on a scale—never seen before. This Speed Talk will deliver the latest research, insights, and analysis from the Strada Institute for the Future of Work, with a focus on building a new learning ecosystem to boost the skills and abilities of the workforce.

  • Open Discussion With Presenters
    Facilitated by Joanie Courtney, CMO, EmployBridge Holding Co., and president, RemX division

Public Policy and Legal Issues

  • Emerging Legal Landscapes: Top Five Challenges Business Leaders Need to Know
    Stephen Dwyer, Esq., SVP and chief legal officer, American Staffing Association; Toby Malara, Esq., government affairs counsel, American Staffing Association

    What comes to mind when you think of the challenges your company faces? Fierce competition? Shortage of talent? Demanding clients? What most executives miss is the constantly changing regulatory environment we operate in. What you don’t know could cost you. Hear about emerging legal challenges that could drastically impact your bottom line.

  • Independent Workers: The Future of Law, Policy, and Work
    Camille Olson, partner, Seyfarth Shaw

    This Speed Talk will provide an overview of current trends in the workforce that are presenting a shift away from traditional business models toward increasingly independent arrangements. The discussion will include hot topics such as recent legislative developments, worker classification litigation updates, and the modernization of employment laws.

  • Open Discussion With Presenters
    Facilitated by Peter Quigley, president and CEO, Kelly Services

Scaling Your Business

  • New Views From Higher Altitudes: Scaling Through Acquisition
    Greg Palmer, founder and managing partner, G Palmer and Associates

    This Speed Talk will focus on four key factors for scaling your business through mergers and acquisitions, while minimizing the risks and pitfalls found in today’s chaotic environment. Palmer has been on both sides of more than 40 acquisitions in his career. Join him as he shares case studies from his experiences.

  • Flight Plans for Organic Growth
    Shawn Poole, adviser, Employbridge

    Set a “flight plan” for your company with specific and accountable goals to scale and grow organically. This Speed Talk will address balancing long-term and strategic planning as well as short-term and tactical thinking in an efficient manner—so you can scale your business effectively and reap results.

  • Accelerate Growth: The Art of Keeping It Simple
    Dan Campbell, CSP, founder and executive chairman, Hire Dynamics LLC

    Campbell tells his staffing company story and shares the mistakes he made when he overcomplicated his business. There is a fine line between healthy diversification and chaos. Learn how a defined strategy and a disciplined focus on that strategy can change your trajectory and place your company in rare air—a unique position and opportunity to take your business to new heights.

  • Open Discussion With Presenters
    Facilitated by Jeff Bowling, founder and member of the board, The Delta Cos.