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Session Descriptions

Staffing World delivers the most comprehensive, diverse, and engaging learning opportunities in the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry. Whether you are new to the industry or a 20-year veteran, you will gain valuable, cutting-edge information, strategies, connections, and resources during your Staffing World experience.

Opening General Session

9–10:30 a.m.

Creating More Value to Move Beyond the Competition

Presented by Peter Sheahan, chief executive officer, Karrikins Group

How do you become the obvious choice to your clients, employees, and community? Value. You either create more value than your competitors or get left behind. In this strategic, case study-rich general session, Sheahan will help you escape commoditization, compete beyond price, and become the disruptor—not the disrupted. Learn how to become a thought leader in your marketplace and influence more senior buyers.


11 a.m.–12:15 p.m.

Adapting to a Changing World of Work: What Role and Influence for the Staffing Industry?

Annemarie Muntz, president, World Employment Confederation
Denis Pennel, managing director, World Employment Confederation

All around the world, labor markets are undergoing fundamental changes; we are facing less a job crisis than a work revolution. We see fragmentation of production patterns; a rise of a dispersed and remote workforce; and the end of traditional workplaces, times, and activities. Don't miss this session with Annemarie Muntz and Denis Pennel of World Employment Confederation, as they share the contribution of the staffing industry to enabling work, adaptation, security, and prosperity in a changing world of work. Topics will include what changes you can expect from the workforce and the workplace in the near future; how the staffing industry is shaping the debate on the future of work vis-à-vis key international policymakers; and what may shift in the way work is distributed and labor markets are governed. Learn why it will be increasingly important for staffing firms to align workplace practices and protocols with the characteristics of future workers.

You Be the Judge—Top Staffing Cases From 2016

Panel facilitated by Stephen C. Dwyer, Esq., general counsel, American Staffing Association
Panelists: Eric H. Rumbaugh, Esq., partner, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
Donald W. Schroeder, Esq., partner, Foley & Lardner LLP

In this interactive session, leading staffing attorneys will plead their cases to you—the audience. They will present facts and arguments from some of the most important staffing litigation from the past year and let you decide the outcome. See whether your verdicts are in line with those of the courts, and learn why these cases are important for your staffing business. If you were at the highly rated first run of this session at the 2016 ASA Staffing Law Conference, join us again for all new cases!

Field Trip! Workplace Safety Assessment of the San Diego Convention Center

Michelle Bearden, vice president, Link Staffing Services
Sharon Pancamo, CSHO, area safety manager, Elwood Staffing Services

Note: Due to limited participant space, this session is scheduled on both Tuesday and Thursday. You only need to sign up for one.

Do you know how officials from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration conduct workplace safety assessments and inspections? Here is your chance to be one of just 25 Staffing World attendees who will accompany authorized OSHA outreach trainers on a safety-focused walkthrough of the San Diego Convention Center. Meet briefly for an orientation, then get your site assessment tool and become part of the inspection team. This unique Staffing World experience will teach you how to think like an OSHA inspector and what to look for when visiting a client site to ensure its safety. Wear comfortable shoes. Because space is limited, you must preregister for this session. Contact Chioma Ejim at c**** to reserve your spot.

The Social Experiment

David Searns, chief executive officer, Haley Marketing
Brad Smith, director of search engine optimization and social media, Haley Marketing

Join social media experts from Haley Marketing for this hands-on workshop that will help you capitalize on social media when you return to work Monday morning. The first portion of this session will focus on theory, reviewing best practices in using social media for sales, recruiting, personal branding, and inbound marketing. The second portion will offer you the chance to put theory into practice. Bring your laptop, tablet, or phone and let the panelists coach you through the best way you can invest 22 minutes a day to maximize social media results for your firm.

What Can I Say? Handling Clients’ Objections

Mike Lejeune, president, Mike Lejeune Consulting

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what to say when clients hit you with objections? Veteran recruiting trainer Mike Lejeune will demonstrate a unique objection rebuttal process to move through obstacles that prospective clients and candidates use to derail recruiters’ advances. This program will tackle the big objections recruiters face every day, allowing attendees to walk away better armed to take control of the placement process.

2:15–3:30 p.m.

Not Just Participation Trophies: Transform Your Business With the Power of the Millennial Mindset

Art Papas, founder and chief executive officer, Bullhorn

Millennials are unfairly depicted as social media-obsessed job hoppers. But in the era of Uber and Waze, it's not just Millennials who see the value of human-centered technology to transform how we live and work; everyone can benefit from a "millennial mindset." Millennials understand the power of interactive technology to integrate with their daily lives and facilitate productivity. Learn how embracing this mindset and leveraging our relationships, connections, and empathy can make us more productive and successful.

Superwomen: How Executives Tap Into Their Core Strengths

Loretta Penn, founder and president, PECC LLC

Highly rated Staffing World 2015 presenter Loretta Penn is back this year in a workshop especially for women. Penn will first lead attendees through a fast-paced overview of women’s unique strengths as leaders. Next, attendees will discuss with their peers some of the top challenges female executives face in advancing their careers—including maintaining a work-life balance and convincing leadership that working in a nontraditional environment does not impact their ability to perform at the highest level. Leave this workshop recharged, ready to progress your own career, and capable of helping your female peers do the same.

A.I., Robotics, and the Future of the Staffing Industry

Panel facilitated by Jason Leverant, PHR, CSP, CSC, president and chief operating officer, @Work Group
Panelists: Bart Selman, professor of computer science, Cornell University
Moshe Vardi, director, Rice University Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology
Wendell Wallach, ethicist, Yale University Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics

Staffing executive Jason Leverant will lead a panel discussion about disruptive technology and how it might affect various industries—including staffing and recruiting—in the future. The panelists will touch on several questions regarding automation and its effects on the future of work. How will driverless cars impact the transportation, staffing, and automotive insurance industries? Will self-checkout and online ordering pose a threat to the retail and service industry? Will medical advancements cause human resource departments to struggle to find skilled and qualified candidates that are up-to-date with the equipment? See how technology will create opportunities for new types of placements, even as other positions are eliminated. Walk away from this session energized about the future of the staffing industry.

From Idea to $100 Million—How to Scale Your Staffing Business

Panel facilitated by Aaron Green, CSP, founder and chief executive officer, Professional Staffing Group
Panelists: Jeffrey Bowling, chief executive officer, The Delta Cos.
Daniel E. Campbell, CSP, executive chairman, Hire Dynamics LLC
Jeff Harris, founder and chief executive officer, Ettain Group

Join this panel of four staffing executives who have led their respective companies, representing four different regions of the country and four different niches, from start-up to $100 million in revenue. Learn the secrets to their success as these staffing pros share stories—good and bad—about their journeys. From the toughest business decisions they ever had to make, and the emotional tolls, to how things turned out—you’ll get it all. Learn how you can adopt their business structures, beliefs, systems, and tools to promote success in your own firm.

Overtime: Get Up to Speed on the U.S. Department of Labor’s Final Rule

Diane J. Geller, Esq., partner, Fox Rothschild LLP
Wayne E. Pinkstone, Esq., partner, Fox Rothschild LLP

The U.S. Department of Labor announced the Fair Labor Standards Act final overtime rule in May. To help attendees gain clarity and prepare for the final rule, which becomes effective Dec. 1, this session will address key provisions—such as the increase to the “white collar” overtime exemptions’ salary level, changes to the highly compensated employee total annual compensation level, commissions, and bonuses. This 75-minute workshop will provide guidance on how employees who meet the duties tests under the professional, executive, or administrative exemptions (including certain recruiters, account managers, and other staffing firm personnel) but do not earn the new requisite salary will be nonexempt and entitled to overtime. Additionally, the discussion will address salary versus hourly, tracking time worked, commissions and incentive pay, accessing work performed, communication of reclassification, and staff morale.

Zero-to-Fill: Reduce Your Recruiting Time

Scott Wintrip, PCC, president, Wintrip Consulting Group

Be prepared for a tightly focused coaching session with Scott Wintrip, as he discusses the strategic changes you must make in your organization to deliver services with greater speed and accuracy. Staffing firms that have recruited skilled and ready-to-work candidates are able to fill client needs quickly with the right people, and are infinitely more valuable than those that cannot immediately serve their clients’ needs. Firms that provide prompt hiring of talent enjoy intense buyer loyalty, increased market share, and higher margins. Armed with these ideas, leaders will be equipped to corner their markets, make their competitors irrelevant, and achieve substantial growth.

Section Forums

Always popular sessions at Staffing World, the Section Forums deliver content specific to a sector of the industry: engineering, IT, and scientific; health care; industrial; office–administrative; professional–managerial; and search and placement. These six areas also are represented by six ASA sections, which are free to join for ASA members. Learn more at

4–5:15 p.m.

Engineering, IT, and Scientific

Measurements and KPIs to Help You Succeed in 2017

Jack Wellman, TSC, CSP, president and chief operating officer, Wellman Insights LLC

Some staffing firms don’t measure anything, while others seem to want to measure everything. Measurements and key performance indicators (KPIs) can help a firm, but there are some that can also hurt performance. A balance exists between these two extremes. In this session geared toward the engineering, IT, and scientific sector, industry veteran Jack Wellman will explore the value of measurements and this balance. Review KPIs to track financial and activity results; identify industry-specific measures for your team and management; and discuss the relationship between measurements and your firm’s policies and procedures. The knowledge gained from this session will help you develop new primary measurements for recruiting, sales, and management efforts to refocus and enhance your firm’s success in 2017 and beyond.

Technology Trends and Enhancing Client Delivery

Terri Gallagher, founder and president, Gallagher and Consultants

This session looks at technology solutions and how they can increase your firm’s revenue and market share. Take your recruiting strategy to the next level by leveraging online staffing and freelancer platforms to expand your talent supply chain. Find out how to use technology to exceed the top three key client metrics—cost, speed, and quality—for the engineering, scientific, and technical talent you are placing. Explore internal technology platforms that can measure and improve your team’s performance and provide actionable data to competitively drive your business.

Health Care

Best Practices for Protecting Sensitive Personal Information

Tom Kernan, CHP, vice president of strategic planning and general counsel, Stat Staff Professionals Inc.
Mike Zinni, director of software development, Stat Staff Professionals Inc.

Join health care staffing executives for this important discussion on best practices related to protecting sensitive personal information. Health care facilities and staffing firms deal with confidential information every day, from employee compliance documents and credentials, to patient records and information. What most firms don’t realize is that their online habits and record keeping might not just be out of compliance—but also against the law. In this session, you will discover the legal and practical aspects of ensuring your organization is keeping employee and vendor information secure. Health care providers, staffing vendors, IT professionals, and anyone that deals with confidential information will benefit from this presentation.


Politics and Business—A Local Approach

Lawrence Kidd, president and chief executive officer, Reliable Staffing Services

Are you intrigued by the current political landscape? Does it upset you that your business profitability depends on who has been elected? Frustrated that elected officials don’t understand—or more importantly, don’t care—about what you do or how you do it? Have you thought about getting involved in the political process but assumed you could not make a difference? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, attend this session to hear from a staffing industry peer about how getting involved in local politics has improved relationships and the perception of his industrial staffing firm in his local community.

Going Beyond the T-Shirt: Maximizing Your Temporary Worker Engagement

Linda Sasser, president, Impact Performance Group

Temporary workers want many of the same things most workers with permanent jobs want—a stable job, at decent pay, with some upside to it. Yet, how do we provide those “upsides” to temporary workers, who work within environments we cannot control? There are many things we can do to enhance temporary worker engagement, which allows us to better serve our temporary workers, improve our workers’ production and performance for clients, and increase our fulfillment. After attending this session, participants will be able to identify the barriers that prevent them from creating an engaged workforce, and walk away with practical, actionable steps for improving engagement of their temporary workforce.


The Two Most Powerful Letters You Can Say To a Prospect: “N. O.”

Richard Bolton, branch manager, Diversified Sourcing Solutions

In this presentation, attendees will discuss the power of “no” in negotiations, and in efforts to remain profitable, build their brand, and remain safe. Too many times, the moment we hear the word "yes" from a client, we immediately shut our brains down and take the order. We fail to realize that we, too, have the right to say “no.” If a position is not profitable, we should say “no.” If it’s not safe, we should say “no.” If the position is too hard to fill (and the client does not factor that into the pricing), or if we do not have the resources to fill the order—we should say “no.” Attendees will learn to be judicious when saying “yes,” and be confident that when they choose to say “no” they are doing what will help their business in the long run.

Internet Marketing Basics for Staffing Firms

Michael Scott Morefield, MBA, CSP, director of marketing, @Work Personnel Services

This session will highlight four key components to a successful internet marketing strategy—the company website, job boards, search engines, and social media—and detail how the last three should be optimized and focused on driving traffic to the company website. The presenter will cover crucial factors for success among all four components, including key features every staffing firm website should include, how to optimize job board postings, search engine optimization strategy, Google Positioning, Adwords, and how to manage and grow company social media pages. The presentation will be geared toward small- to medium-sized staffing firms that may not have marketing departments.


Video Killed the Writing Star

Steven Handmaker, chief marketing officer, Assurance Agency Ltd.
Video is the single most consumed media on the planet today. Yet, many organizations still rely solely on email, flyers, and printed newsletters to engage employees. This presentation will demonstrate how to build employee engagement by maximizing low-cost video to bolster internal communications. It will showcase a number of hilarious, low-budget internal videos that have inspired and entertained both local and remote employees. The chief purpose of the videos was to lift employee engagement; the additional benefit was that they were shared by employees via social media—extending the company’s brand and message across multiple channels. Leave this session ready to start your video campaign!

Optimize Your ROI With New Age Digital Recruiting

Lindsay Stanton, chief client officer, Digi-Me

For the first time in a long time, we are faced with a candidate-driven market. Everyone is competing for top talent and passive job seekers are golden. There are a couple of strategies that staffing companies need to understand and capitalize on in order to attract better quality candidates on behalf of their clients and reduce the cost-per-hire. These strategies will also help attract a diverse talent pool—including veterans. Using real-life case studies from global companies, the speaker will address digital strategies such as how to leverage search engine optimization, mobile devices, social media, employee referrals, and video.

Search and Placement

The Voice of the Client

Facilitated by Nick Schichtle, vice president, Center of Excellence for Global Direct Hire Solutions at Kelly Services Inc.

Attendees will hear directly from actual clients about the bad, the good, and the ideal conditions they’ve encountered when working with the staffing and recruiting industry. Clients will share what they value from our efforts—and what they can do without. Attendees will learn how to form truly beneficial, long-term partnerships.

View Wednesday schedule »

Second General Session

8:30–10 a.m.

BOLD Thinking for an Exponential Organization

Presented by Peter Diamandis, M.D., chairman and chief executive officer, XPRIZE Foundation
Today a company’s success depends on mindset, its use of exponential technologies, and the power of crowdsourcing. This keynote, based on Diamandis’s bestselling book BOLD, examines the approaches required to succeed during this exponential age. Where should a company be looking to grow 10x bigger, rather than 10% bigger? Diamandis explains how a massively transformative purpose can drive your organization’s culture and help you attract the best employees. He examines the innovation principles used by Google X, and also details how entrepreneurial billionaires like Larry Page, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson think—and what strategies they use to scale and disrupt.

Chill Chats

Chill chats are informal discussions about predetermined topics. Comfortable seating designed for small group exchanges will facilitate networking and an enhanced attendee experience.

10:15–10:30 a.m.

Strategic Marketing Ideas

Fostering Employee Engagement and Fun

5-Minute Fitness Breaks at Work

10:45 a.m.–12:15 p.m.

Trending Insights

Explore the industry’s most pressing business and operational questions and gain practical solutions in this roundtable learning format. Choose from nearly 30 roundtable topics, including new technology, engaging internal talent, working with Millennials, recruiting passive job seekers, reducing unemployment costs, optimizing social media, developing leaders, and regulatory compliance.


Technology Must-Haves and What We Can Learn From the Gig Economy

Panel facilitated by James A. Essey, CSP, president and chief executive officer, The TemPositions Group of Cos
Panelists: Hope Bradford, senior director and IT front-office application delivery and business relationship solution consultant, Kelly Services
Kevin Delaski, vice president and chief information officer, The TemPositions Group of Cos.
Tom Erb, CSP, president, Tallann Resources

The panelists who brought you the Hot Tech workshop last year are back to lead a discussion on the best technology solutions in the areas of talent engagement, recruiting, and sales, as well as outline how “gig economy” technology can change your business. The session will begin with a 30-minute overview of current technology solutions and then progress to four breakout areas, where attendees will be encouraged to exchange ideas with industry colleagues on how they’re using each technology—including adaptation for mobile use. Panelists and industry chief information officers will move among the breakout groups, and attendees will be able to switch breakout groups to cover multiple topics. At the end, the panel will reconvene to discuss key takeaways from the breakout sessions. This is a roll-up-your-sleeves, interactive session, so attendees should come prepared to learn from their colleagues and leave with actionable ideas.

Health Care Staffing Seminar

Hospitals, Staffing Firms, and Joint Commission Recommendations

Wendi Roberts, executive director, hospital business development, The Joint Commission

Health care staffing firms and hospitals strive to provide excellent patient care in hygienic facilities, but still may receive citations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration due to safety or quality violations. Attend this session to learn which violations are most frequently the cause of citation for staffing firms and hospitals, and recommendations on avoiding them. The speaker will discuss upcoming changes relevant to the health care staffing space and share how Joint Commission certification can benefit those in the health care space.

Vendor Management Challenges and Opportunities in the Health Care Space

Facilitated by David Savitsky, chief executive officer and founder, ATC Healthcare Services Inc.

There are an increasing number of hospitals engaging vendor management systems (VMSs) and managed service providers (MSPs) to oversee the utilization of per-diem personnel. Some of the challenges posed are new modalities for pricing, open order notification, submission of candidates, and customer service expectations. In this session, attendees will learn how to best evaluate a VMS/MSP opportunity and prepare to embrace or dismiss it. Explore how to meet and surpass expectations so that VMS/MSP can be a winning combination for your hospital client, the VMS, and most important—your company.

Idea Labs

Idea Labs are presentations designed to deliver maximum return in just 30 minutes. Be sure to check out Idea Labs throughout the convention; they take place in the expo hall, where you can also enjoy lunch.

12:30–1 p.m.

Develop Your Internal Recruiting Strategy

Robin M. Mee, founder and president, Mee Derby & Co.
Kim Whiteley, director and executive recruiter, Mee Derby & Co.

There is a talent shortage within our industry—yet the industry continues to expand. Demand for candidates is up, unemployment is down, and skilled workers are harder than ever to find. But it’s not just quality temporary and contract employees staffing firms are vying for—we’re also competing for much-needed internal employees. Join Robin Mee, chairman of the Staffing as a Career taskforce, and Kim Whiteley of Mee Derby to explore ideas about how to create or improve your existing internal recruiting strategies.

Soft Skills, Hard Benefits: Leveraging Reference Feedback to Identify Top Talent

Devin Hirschi, PHR, human resources manager, Supplemental Health Care

As a provider of health care workforce solutions, you strive to continually customize your hiring process to adapt to the challenges found when recruiting for sales and other key roles. Learn how the presenter has hired consistently strong talent and grown his business by turning to innovative new technologies such as online reference checking, ensuring that he places the right people at the right time at all levels of the organization. Discover why it might be time to rethink your reference checking process and take advantage of a method that is based on behavioral science.

1–1:30 p.m.

Five Things Recruiters Can Do to Insulate Themselves From a Turning Economy

Bradley Bilen, regional managing director, Randstad Professionals
John Ruffini, national director, direct hire placement, training, and development, Randstad Professionals

Whether the economy is in a boom or bust pattern, the best practices for recruiting never change. Two veteran professionals in the recruiting space will teach you how to succeed even during poor economic conditions. With supply and demand creating unpredictable variations, it is more important than ever to be better organized and to develop a universal skill base that will insulate against conditions that cannot be controlled.

What’s in Store for the Staffing Industry—A Look Back to Gaze Forward

Cynthia Poole, director of research, American Staffing Association

Get an overview of the latest ASA Staffing Industry Economic Analysis—hot off the presses. It’s the most anticipated annual report on the staffing industry. Has the U.S. economy fully recovered from the Great Recession? Is there more runway on the long road to recovery? What does the low level of unemployment and shrinking labor pool mean for staffing? Learn the answers to these questions and ask your own in this research- and data-driven session.

Immersion Programs

Sometimes 60–90 minutes is not enough time to thoroughly discuss a complex topic, which is why Staffing World Immersion Programs cover issues that require more time than you have in a workshop. Immerse yourselves in one of the following topics of your choice.

1:45–3:30 p.m.

Turning Contract Staffing Upside Down: Why Recruiting Should Lead and Business Development Should Follow

Peter Leffkowitz, founder and chief executive officer, Morgan Consulting Group

The formula for running a contract staffing firm has never changed. Sales leads the charge, recruiters follow. Account executives earn more, recruiters less. Each side points fingers: Recruiters say, “The job descriptions aren’t ‘descriptive enough.’” Business Development says, “The candidates don’t match.” The requisitions come in, and recruiters compete for the same candidates and push for speed. Why? Because we are always working behind the job order. How can a contract consulting firm work in front of the job order—before the job order goes public? Peter Leffkowitz teaches a contrarian ideology followed by some of the highest performing contract and search firms in the industry.

Cultivating Healthy Gamesmanship in the Workplace

Susan Packard, co-founder, Scripps Networks Interactive

Strategic thinking used in sports and in video games can teach us lessons on how to be creative and competitive in the workplace, while remaining focused and being a team player. Bestselling author and former HGTV chief operating officer Susan Packard will boost your leadership skills and innovative thinking, and encourage you to share new ideas with peers as you discuss 10 key themes that can help you rise to the top of your field.

Develop a Championship Sales Team

Mark Wayshak, author and sales expert, creator of the Game Plan Selling System

In today's highly dynamic market, companies must develop a formal process to create a highly effective sales team. Developing a championship sales team is no longer just as simple as keeping your salespeople motivated and well-paid. Based on Wayshak’s groundbreaking Game Plan Selling System, the session will teach participants how every championship organization has a diversified sales strategy, an ongoing hiring process, a consistent selling system, a prospecting playbook, and clear accountability metrics. Upon leaving, you will have what you need to set the system up at your company.

What’s Next in ACA Management: How Staffing Firms Should Address Subsidy Appeals and Penalty Disputes

Panel facilitated by Edward A. Lenz, Esq., senior counsel, American Staffing Association
Panelists: Alden J. Bianchi, Esq., member, Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo PC
Rachel Stevens, director of benefits and compensation, Staffmark
Jeff Taylor, director of analytics solutions, Equifax Workforce Solutions

Affordable Care Act regulations continue to grow more complex, and the stakes are getting higher. Adding urgency to already challenging compliance and reporting requirements, companies are now facing difficult decisions related to subsidy appeals and penalty disputes. In this timely and enlightening session, ASA senior counsel Ed Lenz will facilitate a panel of experts who will share their approaches in ACA management and compliance. Session attendees will learn how to navigate the subsidy appeals process, IRS reporting requirements, and the penalty dispute process; best practices for the staffing industry since the employer mandate took effect; and how to avoid compliance pitfalls when managing new and coming ACA requirements.

Contingent Strategy Design Thinking Lab

Tim Dupree, vice president, group leader–Global Solution Design, Kelly Services

Participate in a Staffing World first—a design thinking strategy lab that tackles head-on the challenges of working with managed service providers (MSPs). Staffing professionals and suppliers will collaborate at roundtables to dig through mutual concerns. Whether you’re concerned about sourcing, recruiting, governance, or analytics—work together to develop a step-by-step solution in real time. Take a 360 degree perspective as you consider all of the users—suppliers, hiring managers, and talent. The strategic solutions you develop in this session will help you map success now and in the future.


4–5 p.m.

Emerging Global Solutions

Christopher Hartman, global development officer, Allegis Group
John W. Healy, vice president and managing director, Kelly Services Inc.
Rebecca Henderson, group president, Randstad Sourceright
Katrina Menzigian, vice president, research relations, Everest Group

Dive into the competitive global staffing landscape with international industry executives to discuss critical developments within the global services industry that can strengthen and expand dialogue within the marketplace. Learn from the panel how types of service providers, including recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and managed service provider (MSP), are tapping into existing industry market share. For established firms to be competitive in the future, their talent acquisition approaches must evolve and be agile. Attend this session to learn how your firm can stay ahead of the curve that is changing the staffing and recruiting process forever.

Training Top-Level Executives to Be Better People Managers

E. Thomas Gimbel, president and chief executive officer, LaSalle Network

Companies don’t need to have a great company culture in order to be profitable. There are companies that don’t invest in their employees but still grow in revenue; however, those companies typically aren’t able to retain their talent. For companies to be profitable and retention-focused, their managers need to be great people managers—and they must start with top-level executives. During this session, Gimbel will discuss proven techniques to be a better people manager from the c-suite down, as well as how to spot bad managers at any level and develop them into stronger leaders.

Minimizing Legal Risk: Realistic, Practical, and Financially-Responsible Planning for 2017 and Beyond

Laura Friedel, Esq., partner, Levenfeld Pearlstein LLC

Legal compliance can seem like a daunting task—especially for staffing firms facing an array of legal and regulatory changes. The alerts that fill our inboxes daily range from new overtime requirements to expanded accommodation obligations to revised equal pay reporting standards to employees' use of smartphones after hours. The key to tackling compliance is knowing which legal developments and requirements are most critical, understanding those new standards, and developing and implementing a compliance plan that actually works. This session will present the latest topics in legal compliance and provide attendees with the tools to create a practical, business-focused, financially-feasible plan that their companies can use to minimize risk and improve compliance for 2017 and beyond.

M&A Update for Buyers and Sellers

Alfred F. De Bellas Jr., founder and president, De Bellas & Co.
Dave Phillips, director, Childs Advisory Partners
Samuel R. Sacco, partner, R.A. Cohen Consulting

A panel of three merger and acquisition (M&A) advisers will discuss the process of buying or selling a staffing company in today's market. The content will include a list of positive and negative actions that should be taken or avoided in the completion of a transaction from both the buyer and seller point of view. The session will include current M&A activity, valuation, maximizing value, advice for buyers, and exit planning.

So You Want to Add Direct Hire in Eight Weeks With $50,000? Can Do!

Peter Leffkowitz, founder and chief executive officer, Morgan Consulting Group

Opening and maintaining a direct hire division is considered by most staffing owners to be a monumental task. In actuality, it is so much less complicated, more profitable, and less time-intensive than running the temporary placement machine. Doing both opens up exponential growth opportunities and heightens the credibility of the temporary placement operation. Leffkowitz will guide you through the steps to adding a credible direct hire client solution—from understanding the difference in direct hire recruiter traits, to activity-based compensation and training recommendations for your new staff. Don’t miss the opportunity to build a new profit center for your firm.

Men and Women Leading Together—Improve Culture and Profits

Julie Fletcher, chief talent officer, AMN Healthcare Inc.
Adrienne Hand, editor, Common Sense Leadership
John Keyser, founder and principal, Common Sense Leadership
Brian Scott, chief financial officer, AMN Healthcare Inc.

The authors of Make Way for Women team up with male and female c-suite leaders in the staffing industry to share how companies with gender-balanced leadership are thriving. Staffing World attendees will acquire insight gained from the book’s author interviews with 45 respected male and female business leaders in diverse industries across the country. They will hear first-hand how staffing firms with both men and women at the helm experience better employee engagement, profitability, and overall business success. Senior staffing executives—as well as those aspiring to leadership positions—will benefit from this workshop.

Protecting Your Company Against Undesirable Indemnities, Confidentiality Clauses, and Business Terms in Client Contracts

Panel facilitated by Stephen C. Dwyer, Esq., general counsel, American Staffing Association
Panelists: James A. Essey, CSP, president and chief executive officer, The TemPositions Group of Cos.
Gregory D. Holland, senior vice president, general counsel, and secretary, Adecco Group North America
Steven J. Whitehead, Esq., partner, Taylor English Duma LLP

We’ve all been there; You finally land a big potential client, but before you can start receiving orders you need to sign their contract—a multi-paged, single-spaced treatise that makes your eyes spin. And they tell you all their vendors have signed it and they won’t accept any changes. What do you do? In this interactive session incorporating examples from existing client contracts, you’ll hear first-hand from experts in the industry who have confronted countless of these contracts and survived! They’ll discuss the big things to look out for: what industry standard terms are, what you can and absolutely can’t live with, and strategies to negotiate changes to protect your firm. They will also take questions from the audience on specific circumstances and suggest ways to address them.

View Thursday schedule »

Third General Session

9–10:30 a.m.

Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenge

Presented by Amy Cuddy, Ph.D., social psychologist and professor, Harvard Business School

Psychology professor, author, and TED star Amy Cuddy reveals how to unleash your boldest self to heighten your confidence, influence others, and perform at your peak. Have you ever left a nerve-racking challenge and immediately wished for a do over? The very moments that require us to be genuine and commanding can instead cause us to feel powerless. Following the concepts of Cuddy’s recent bestselling book, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenge, the keynote will show you that by accessing your personal power, you can achieve “presence”—the state in which you stop worrying about the impression you’re making on others and instead adjust the impression you’ve been making on yourself.


11:15 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Field Trip! Workplace Safety Assessment of the San Diego Convention Center

Michelle Bearden, vice president, Link Staffing Services
Sharon Pancamo, CSHO, area safety manager, Elwood Staffing Services

Note: Due to limited participant space, this session is scheduled on both Tuesday and Thursday. You only need to sign up for one.

Do you know how officials from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration conduct workplace safety assessments and inspections? Here is your chance to be one of just 25 Staffing World attendees who will accompany authorized OSHA outreach trainers on a safety-focused walkthrough of the San Diego Convention Center. Meet briefly for an orientation, then get your site assessment tool and become part of the inspection team. This unique Staffing World experience will teach you how to think like an OSHA inspector and what to look for when visiting a client site to ensure its safety. Wear comfortable shoes. Because space is limited, you must preregister for this session. Contact Chioma Ejim at c**** to reserve your spot.

Lessons From Afar: New Approaches to Staffing and Workforce Solutions From Around the World

Facilitated by Peter Quigley, Esq., senior vice president and general counsel, Kelly Services Inc.
Panelists: Eric Gilpin, senior vice president, sales, Upwork
Krista Quicke, solution architect, SAP Fieldglass

The most successful business executives look beyond their backyards for innovative solutions and potential disruptors. This workshop will take you around the world, sharing lessons from global markets to keep you ahead of the curve. See how technology and automation are being used in other markets, and gain insight on applications for your business. The panelists will share new trends in business process outsourcing, including robotics process automation, and predict how customers will want talent delivered in the future. Learn how data and analytics can distinguish your staffing and workforce solutions.

Perspective: Leveraging Buyer and Job Candidate Trends to Outpace Your Competition

Eric A. Gregg, chief executive officer, Inavero

Jumpstart your planning for next year with this informative, research-backed presentation on key trends that will impact your staffing business in 2017 and beyond. Leveraging survey responses from more than a million industry clients and job candidates, this session will identify opportunities to improve client and talent acquisition, retention, and rehire strategies. Learn what it takes to outpace industry growth and get real-world strategies for accelerating growth, protecting margins, and improving the bottom line for your company.

Charting a Better Course: Strategy for Effective Client Development

Scott Love, author, professional speaker, and trainer

You can have the strongest ladder in the world, but if it is leaning against the wrong wall—you will never reach your goals. Many staffing firms deploy effective sales tactics, but have weak strategies and never reach their full potential. Industry adviser and trainer Scott Love will show attendees how to create a strategy based on effective principles of business development, and will share tactical steps to get more and better business from clients—including discovering niche markets based on unique value; creating a one-page strategy document; and making contact with high level prospects.

Utilizing Conversational Capacity and Emotional Intelligence to Make Better Choices

James M. Carchidi, CSP, chief executive officer, JFC Staffing Cos.

Staffing professionals must have difficult conversations when they face problems with internal employees, but there is always a choice in how to respond during challenging circumstances. Attendees will engage with each other, learn how to treat dialogue as a discipline, and walk away with a simple and easy-to-use tactic for adapting to shifting circumstances with greater speed and creativity. Learn how emotional intelligence (EQ) can guide us in making better choices—especially in the face of difficult situations.

E-Verify: The Government Is Watching, Are You Doing It Right?

Helen L. Konrad, Esq., director, Immigration Practice Group, McCandlish Holton PC

With illegal immigration dominating the presidential election, Forms I-9 and E-Verify are here to stay. Many more staffing firms are now voluntarily enrolling in E-Verify in efforts to show their commitment to only hiring those who are authorized to work, but voluntary enrollment can still come with a great risk of liability if E-Verify is not done correctly. This is true even if you are using an electronic vendor. This workshop focuses on the dos and don’ts of E-Verify, and how to keep your firm out of trouble.

Candidate Corner—How to Establish Exclusive Recruiter Relationships

Aisha Quaintance, founder and chief executive officer, Fillmore Search Group

The current talent shortage is a terrific problem—if you know how to solve it. Just the implication from the ubiquitous term "candidate control" shows that somewhere along the lines, we have lost sight of our primary purpose of being in a relationship business. Candidate encouragement, the art of listening, caring about the long term, wanting placements to last—these have fallen by the wayside. Less-seasoned recruiters responding to high demand make immediate placements—not necessarily the right ones or ones that will last. Short-term wins versus long-term, thoughtful solutions hurt our industry’s reputation and lead to recruiter burnout. In this session, take lessons from firms that invest in long-term relationships and rethink how to train your recruiters.

Idea Labs

12:45–1:15 p.m.

Enhance Attraction Strategies to Be Even More Inclusive

Audra Jenkins, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CDP, senior director of diversity and compliance, Recruiting and Innovation Center of Expertise, Randstad Sourceright

In the past, many organizations viewed diversity recruiting solely as hiring more women. Today, companies are changing their recruitment strategies to strengthen diversity across a wider array of backgrounds, driven in part by the growing recognition that a diverse workforce isn't just good for a company's brand—it’s also good for the bottom line. Attend this session to learn how shifting attitudes and demographics are reshaping the workforce, and why considering all backgrounds and capabilities helps to secure the best talent. Gain real-world insight on how recent shifts in societal values have helped companies reshape their diversity strategies.

Doctors Are Different: Leverage Three Key Trends to Gain the Recruiter’s Edge

Tony Stajduhar, president of Jackson Physician Search

The physician shortage is acute and intensifying. Competition for talent in key specialties can make recruiting top physicians an expensive and time-consuming process. However, some hospitals and health systems consistently outperform all others. How do physician recruitment professionals fill positions faster, more efficiently, and at less cost than ever before? Learn how successful organizations leverage three key trends that are changing the face of recruitment: immediacy and mobility of social and digital media; agility of blended in-house and outsourced recruitment; and highly personalized customer experience—laser-focused on the needs of both the hospital and the physician.

1:15–1:45 p.m.

The Metrics Magic Show

Diya Obeid, chief executive officer, JobDiva Inc.

We are led to believe that the number of hires is the ultimate key performance indicator (KPI). While that could be the case, this session intends to reveal the importance of the influencers—mainly the submittal metrics. In this session, the speaker will demonstrate the treasures in your submittal metrics. While the hires are the trophy, he will demonstrate how this trophy was earned. You will then be able to examine these secrets in your own business environment.

Recruiting the Recruiter: A New Approach to Finding Job-Ready Talent

Jonathan Katz, sales director, staffing and recruiting group, CareerBuilder

More than 50% of employers report they have open jobs for which they cannot find quality candidates, and 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. This Idea Lab will introduce you to the RightSkill Recruiter Program, developed in collaboration with ASA. The program offers a new approach to finding job-ready, entry-level recruiters by pairing competency-based education with talent acquisition services to build a new supply of career-minded talent. Attend this session to learn how RightSkill is building a new talent pool for the staffing industry and changing the way you find, hire, and train career-minded recruiters to make more confident hiring decisions.


2–3 p.m.

What Will the Next 50 Years Bring? How the Staffing Industry’s Past Will Shape Its Future

Kyle Braun, president, staffing, CareerBuilder

In honor of the 50th anniversary of ASA, this session looks back to see how the industry has evolved, and how the industry's past will inevitably shape the future. Join CareerBuilder's Kyle Braun as he reveals exclusive new research to discuss the current state of the industry, unveiling the industry's biggest challenges as well as its most exciting opportunities. The session will cover one of the biggest industry challenges to emerge in recent years: the impact of the skills and education gaps on the industry. Braun will also share projections for the future—including increasing candidate and client expectations, evolving technology, and the rise of automation within the industry—and practical, applicable tips to help shape the long-term strategic direction of your organization.

An Engaged Workforce: Talents = Power + Potential

Melissa Louis, MBA, managing consultant, Gallup
Stephen Shields, senior consultant, Gallup

“What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?” This was a theory proposed by Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D., psychologist and business executive, which lead Gallup to create the science of strengths. Everyone has innate talent (an inner drive that motivates them). At Gallup, talent is defined as a naturally recurring pattern of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied, and strengths are derived through a focused effort on enhancing these talents. Drawing on more than 50 years of research, Gallup's StrengthsFinder assessments have helped millions of people discover what they do best. Hear case studies from businesses within and outside of the staffing industry who have embraced StrengthsFinders and see the impact it has on employee engagement and business outcomes such as productivity, profitability, and enhanced customer engagement.

Advancing Corporate Goals Through the Use of Social Media

Cadence M. Moore, Esq., associate attorney, Hammond Law Group LLC
Dwight D. Myfelt, Esq., attorney, Hammond Law Group LLC

Social media has created a wealth of opportunities for recruiters and employers to seek out, approach, and hire potential employees, but it presents significant challenges for employers who need to define and monitor appropriate institutional and individual employee behavior. In this session, attorneys from Hammond Law Group will review lawful pre-offer questions that a recruiter can ask a candidate, and options available to an employer who has received a bad review on social media. This session will also consider whether an employer can restrict an employee’s use of social media, and policies that employers may adopt with regard to retaining and controlling information from employees’ social media accounts. The session will conclude with a discussion of freedom of speech within the context of social media use in the private sector.

How Technology Enables: Driving Revenue Through Disruption

Michael Whitmer, CSP, Global Chief Information Officer for Recruit Holdings’ International
Alan Stukalsky, chief information officer, Randstad General Staffing, Randstad NA
Jesus Unzueta, senior vice president and chief information officer, TrueBlue Inc.

Attend this forward-looking session with CIOs from three of the top staffing firms in the world as they engage in a discussion that will provide you with takeaways you can use within your own enterprise. The presenters will spend the first half of the session reviewing the "Uberization” of staffing and its impact on customer buy in and the qualified worker pool. During the second half of the session, they will discuss the "Internet of Things” and the total talent supply chain, looking at some real-world applications and business value add. Join your colleagues for this unique look at how technology is truly an enabler to driving revenue and improving how services are delivered.

Don’t Forget to Remember Success: Going Beyond Metrics and KPIs

Richard Bolton, branch manager, Diversified Sourcing Solutions

Often, once salespeople and recruiters meet their metrics, they act like they just crossed the finish line for a marathon and stop running the race. They fail to see that metrics are a means to an end—and that end should be making sales and placements at their fullest potential. If metrics and KPIs don't generate success, there's a larger issue. Attend this powerful session that gets to the heart of success—creating appropriate metrics and KPIs that will drive your salespeople and recruiters to achieve and surpass them.

Growing Pains: Managing Through Trials and Tribulations of Staffing Firm Growth

Amy Bingham, president, InStaff

The goal of many a veteran staffing and recruiting firm owner is to grow their business to the point that it will function better without him or her. How does one continue to achieve success at every stage of an organization—from its infancy through its growth to its succession? Amy Bingham, 23-year staffing industry veteran, will introduce you to the stages of growth and observed challenges in building a staffing firm. The discussion will include when and how to add sales and recruiting leadership, when and how to standardize processes and technology, and how the role of the owner must evolve.

Closing General Session

3:15–5 p.m.

Scaling Up

Presented by Verne Harnish, founder, Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Running a business is ultimately about freedom. At the closing keynote, Harnish will show Staffing World’s business leaders how to get their organizations moving in sync, by sharing practical tools and techniques for building an industry-dominating business. Leave Staffing World with new ideas to engage your team, and ways to have your clients do your marketing—all while everyone is making money. To accomplish this, Harnish will focus on four major decision areas every company must get right: people, strategy, execution, and cash. He will also provide Rockefeller Habits 2.0 tools and strategies you need to get faster results with less effort. All attendees will get a free copy of Harnish’s book, Scaling Up.

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