Staffing World Content Areas


From onboarding to compliance issues, Staffing World 2017 has you covered. Attendees can choose from an array of topics within the staffing and recruiting ecosystem—here are some sample session areas:

Business Management and Administration

  • Managing during inflation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Must-have software solutions
  • Remote staffing
  • Profiting with VMS and MSP
  • Operations and SOPs
  • Game-changing benefits solutions

Compliance and Risk Management

  • Safety in the workplace
  • Addressing EEOC and DOL audits
  • FMLA forms
  • OSHA logs
  • H-1B Visas, Forms I-9, and E-Verify
  • Background checks
  • Drug testing
  • Cyber security measures
  • Sick leave policies
  • Updates on the Affordable Care Act
  • Marijuana in the workplace
  • Emergency action plans

Hiring Internal Talent and Leading People

  • Labor trend analytics
  • Social media recruiting
  • Engaging new hires
  • Innovative interviewing techniques
  • Branch management
  • KPIs and other reporting metrics
  • Hiring strategies that enhance diversity
  • Talent bench strength
  • Explosive growth of health care staffing

Revenue Retention and Growth

  • Efficient use of automation and technology
  • Adding new lines of business
  • On-demand economy
  • The art of storytelling
  • Meaningful branding
  • Industry-specific recruiting
  • Selling to the c-suite
  • Sales and client management
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