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Tuesday, Oct. 16

10:45 a.m.–12 noon

Manage and Lead a Top-Performing Sales Team

Linda Sasser, chief executive officer, Impacting Leaders
Have you had a successful sales career within the staffing industry, yet are shocked at how challenging it is to lead your own sales team? You’re not alone. Even when you’re a pro at the game, making the transition from player to player-coach and finally to coach isn’t a seamless transition. In this workshop, Linda Sasser will share her industry experiences and expertise in motivating, developing, and leading a top-performing staffing sales team. Find out what your sales team needs from you (but won’t tell you), the shared habits of highly successful sales teams, and how to set expectations and enforce accountability.
2:15–2:45 p.m.

Staffing’s Secret Sauce: Building a Sales Strategy and Execution That Wins

Josh Mastel, founder and chief executive officer, UpRoar Partners LLC
The staffing business is a crowded space, and there’s a lot to keep track of: Is your team chasing the right business, and how are they getting in front of decision makers? Is cold calling really dead? What is the most effective sales strategy in today’s changing marketplace? So how do you stay ahead of the curve with the strategy your sales team is executing on? This fast-paced, thirty-minute workshop will send you on your way to building the right sales strategy, backed with the best way to execute it.

Search and Placement:

4:15–5:30 p.m.

The Million Dollar Recruiter Mindset: How the Top 1% Think and Act

Mike Lejeune, president, Mike Lejeune Consulting
Are high-flying recruiters who generate more than a million dollars in search fees just wired differently? As part of a research project on leading high performing teams, Mike Lejeune, senior partner with Allen Austin Executive Search and Leadership Advisory Services, met with industry leading professionals who consistently break the $1,000,000 barrier to better understand their strategies for success. He discovered that they all share traits that are not caused by DNA but rather consistent techniques and strategies. It is the combination of how they act and think that generates world-class results. This workshop provides a roadmap to the methods and mindset that produces breakthrough performance

Wednesday, Oct. 17

12:45–1:45 p.m.

Four Ways to Motivate Your Sales Force

Panel facilitated by Diane Poljak, senior vice president, staffing and PEO practice leader, Assurance
Panelists: Bradley Block, CSP, vice president and principal, Rotator Staffing Services Inc.
Morgan Dudzik, executive vice president of national accounts, Premier Employee Solutions
Tom Erb, CSP, president, Tallann Resources LLC
Penny Queller, senior vice president and general manager, Monster

Motivation is key to keeping your salespeople successful over time. While each person on your sales staff is different, the management strategies to motivate your team can be customized to each individual. This executive panel will share how they have successfully developed internal programs which set achievable and trackable goals and metrics. See how to develop motivational tactics for sales people, understand how to create a successful sales atmosphere, and learn how to tailor performance review processes to the individual.
4–5 p.m.

Creating a Referral Culture

Scott Love, Scott Love Associates
In sales, everyone knows that referrals are the best source of new prospects. But for most companies, referrals are usually a random act of luck rather than an intentional business strategy. What would happen if your sales team followed an exciting and effective formula for successfully getting referrals? What if referrals were a key part of your business strategy? Focusing on this one simple concept could be the most significant business decision you’ll make all year to give you a real competitive advantage. Industry expert Scott Love will give you a strategic playbook on how you can change your culture and get more referrals to clients and candidates.

If You’re Selling, You’re Doing It All Wrong—Focus on What You Control

John Ruffini, vice president, sales, Jackson Nurse Professionals
We know that recruiting is actually sales. Those that are most successful in the industry never “sell” anything; Nothing is left to chance, and they know what they have control of. They know where and how they can influence the outcome of recruiting cycles on both the candidate and client side of the business. Participants will focus on the two things recruiters are able to control. If you master these two critical aspects of the business, you will operate more efficiently, qualify more effectively, and close more deals.

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