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Tuesday, Oct. 16

3–4 p.m.

Going Old School: The Art and Science of Making Every Call a Great Call

Paul Siker, chief executive officer, Advanced Recruiting Trends
Recruiting has always been a vocation that is grounded in effective and timely communications. In a market climate where the demand for capable talent dramatically exceeds the available supply, being adept at making compelling introductory calls to passive candidate prospects is an essential skill. Increasingly, email, text messaging, social media, and other technology-enabled communications are the path of least resistance for recruiters. Join Paul Siker as he shares the science, psychology, mechanics, and word tracks that can allow any recruiter to favorably distinguish his or herself in the eyes and ears of talented candidates. In this highly interactive session, attendees will learn to executive techniques Siker has successfully utilized with individual contributors, line managers, and executive-level candidates.

4:15–5:30 p.m.

Engineering, IT, and Scientific:
Social Networking and Recruiting: How the Game Is Changing in 2018

Matthew Nagler, managing partner, BANKW Staffing
Recruiting has been on a dramatically changing curve for the last couple of years. These changes all lead to the junction of low unemployment numbers and the critical importance of a strong employer brand and recruiting efforts. Recruiters are at the helm of shifting the mass “apply” mentality to one of strategy and targeted effort. Join other Staffing World attendees for a dynamic discussion on how to effectively communicate your company’s employer brand, and the employment brands of your client companies.

Innovation and Education: A Partnership to Close the Skills Gap

Facilitated by Frank Britt, chief executive officer, Penn Foster
By 2025, the manufacturing industry projects a two million worker deficit due to lack of skilled talent. Employers must consider solutions outside typical recruitment methods to generate a skilled workforce and close skills gaps. This session will showcase how employees are advancing into harder-to-fill positions and higher-paying careers thanks to an innovative education program from one of the nation’s largest workforce specialist staffing agencies. Attendees will learn how one forward-thinking manufacturer has taken the lead in this effort, offering pay increases, advancement opportunities, and other incentives to associates completing the programs.

Search and Placement:
The Million Dollar Recruiter Mindset: How the Top 1% Think and Act

Mike Lejeune, president, Mike Lejeune Consulting
Are high-flying recruiters who generate more than a million dollars in search fees just wired differently? As part of a research project on leading high performing teams, Mike Lejeune, senior partner with Allen Austin Executive Search and Leadership Advisory Services, met with industry leading professionals who consistently break the $1,000,000 barrier to better understand their strategies for success. He discovered that they all share traits that are not caused by DNA but rather consistent techniques and strategies. It is the combination of how they act and think that generates world-class results. This workshop provides a roadmap to the methods and mindset that produces breakthrough performance

Wednesday, Oct. 17

4–5 p.m.

If You’re Selling, You’re Doing It All Wrong—Focus on What You Control

John Ruffini, vice president, sales, Jackson Nurse Professionals
We know that recruiting is actually sales. Those that are most successful in the industry never “sell” anything; Nothing is left to chance, and they know what they have control of. They know where and how they can influence the outcome of recruiting cycles on both the candidate and client side of the business. Participants will focus on the two things recruiters are able to control. If you master these two critical aspects of the business, you will operate more efficiently, qualify more effectively, and close more deals.

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