Preconvention programs require separate registration and additional fees. They are not included in your Staffing World registration purchase, unless you purchase a Tuesday, 1-Day Pass only.

Staffing World attendees loved last year’s preconvention programs. Check out this year’s powerful lineup—designed to deliver deep-dive experiences before the convention even begins.

Staffing World 2020 Preconvention Programs

Subject to change

Monday, Oct. 19

Advancing Women Leaders in the Staffing Industry (Part I)

This popular Staffing World preconvention program offers a unique opportunity to meet and reconnect with women leaders to expand your professional network and strengthen the voice and influence of women in staffing. Get expert advice and insights on topics requested by the community—including skills and confidence building, managing rising leaders, diversity and inclusion, challenges and success stories, and more. Whether you’re a senior executive, director, manager, or emerging leader, this intense, two-part program will inspire and prepare you to take your career to the next level and, ultimately, advance the position of women in the industry. Note: This is a two-part program that takes place on Monday, Oct. 19 and Tuesday, Oct. 20.

Tuesday, Oct. 20

Advancing Women Leaders in the Staffing Industry (Part II)

This is a two-part program that takes place on Monday, Oct. 19 and Tuesday, Oct. 20. Please see description above.

Tuesday, Oct. 20

Growth Strategies for Staffing Companies up to $50 Million in Revenue

Back for its second year at Staffing World and featuring new and updated content, this growth-focused preconvention program is designed as a master class especially for the leaders of fast-growing, small and medium-sized staffing companies. This is a unique opportunity to engage with industry peers to discuss strategies and company culture, compare best practices, and benchmark plans and progress. Highly regarded industry thought leaders will direct the discussion on topics such as optimizing small-team productivity, setting financial goals and KPIs, scaling growth strategies, establishing and tracking benchmarks, implementing tactics for enhancing client relations, and much more.

Tuesday, Oct. 20

Empowering Your Team and Fueling Success

Whether you’re part of a team of two, 20, or 200+—the group dynamics and responsibilities each team member must fulfill to maximize success are critical building blocks every strong company must have. During this Staffing World preconvention program, you will tackle topics such as managing internal onboarding and training, communicating company culture and vision, encouraging collaboration, having difficult conversations, mastering methods for coaching clients and candidates, implementing rewards and recognition systems, and much more. This program will deliver valuable strategies you can take back to your company and use immediately to kickstart improvements.

Staffing World preconvention programs require separate registration and additional fees. Only this year’s Tuesday, 1-Day Pass includes a preconvention program option. Questions? Contact Meghan O’Connor, ASA meetings and events coordinator, at 703-253-1147.