Strength in Numbers

JJ Hurley, CEO, GDH Consulting

JJ Hurley, CEO, GDH Consulting

JJ Hurley admits he didn’t see the full value in his American Staffing Association membership at first. Then he joined a peer group where one participant talked at length about the benefits of ASA.

“After that, I decided to lean in more with ASA and get more involved,” recalls JJ, CEO of staffing firm GDH Consulting, headquartered in Oklahoma. “The timing could not have been better with all the crises of the last few months.”

Increased influence

Leaning in has given JJ the chance to connect with other staffing industry leaders, meet people in different disciplines, and build solid relationships. “I’ve grown as a leader, and I’ve made an impact beyond my IT sector,” he says. “I’m a growing firm headquartered in Oklahoma, but I’m on calls with billion-dollar staffing firms talking to senators and trying to influence what’s best for our industry.”

“If I can walk away [from an ASA event] with some data that works, then it’s worth attending. The return on investment is at least 10 times the cost.”

Competitive advantage

JJ believes ASA gives him a competitive advantage through insights from staffing leaders in other regions, markets, and industries. “For example, I learned about a free tool on an ASA council call. We’ve been using it ever since to work with consultants and communicate internally. I would have never heard about it if not for ASA.”

Exclusive events

When it comes to ASA events, JJ’s philosophy is simple. “If I can walk away with some data that works, then it’s worth attending. The return on investment is at least 10 times the cost.”

Community of peers

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and other crises, JJ finds strength in numbers. “I would hate in today’s environment to find myself without other peers to talk to. It gets lonely really fast. ASA is my go-to because I know I have thousands of other leaders who understand my world.”


Why join?

If you haven’t taken full advantage of your ASA membership, JJ advises you to lean in. “Don’t miss out on what I missed out on for years—ideas from peers, sector calls, lobbyist calls, data, and trends. The opportunities for your business and the staffing industry are invaluable.”


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