Michelle Monroe, training & staffing specialist, Hughes Resources

Michelle Monroe, training & staffing specialist, Hughes Resources

“It made me a better staffer and a better communicator”

Michelle Monroe, CSP, heard from colleagues that Staffing World was a valuable event to attend. When her employer afforded her the opportunity to participate, the experience exceeded all her expectations.

Michelle is a training and staffing specialist for multiple offices of Hughes Resources in Illinois and Wisconsin. She gained four big takeaways from her experience at Staffing World.

1. Networking

“ASA brought new people into my life that I would never have met otherwise,” Michelle explains. “I made contacts I keep in touch with in the U.S. and other countries, like South Africa.”

2. Competitive advantage

Michelle remembers an especially helpful Tech Talk at Staffing World. “We implemented technology that helps us connect to candidates on a better level. It’s made us a better business for clients looking for staff and for candidates looking for positions.”

3. Niche knowledge

To prepare for a career transition, Michelle sought out specific opportunities at Staffing World. “I went through sessions geared toward training to get me ready for a new role.”

4. Return on investment

Michelle got the most value from Staffing World by leaning in. “I took away helpful tips and tactics that I could bring back and share with my coworkers on being a better staffing specialist. You can definitely see a return on your investment. You just have to be open to absorbing, listening, and connecting.”


Why attend?

If you’re “Zoomed out” and reluctant to attend Staffing World virtually, Michelle suggests you think again. “ASA put so much dedication and thought into the in-person event. I know they will bring that to the virtual setting as well. It’s obviously going to be a worthwhile experience.”


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