Game Changers

Back by popular demand, Staffing World Game Changers are TED Talk-style, tag-team presentations by suppliers and their clients on solutions that deliver for staffing companies.

These practical case studies offer real-world examples of how your peers are leveraging the help of staffing industry suppliers to solve their pressing business needs.

Check out any of the following Game Changers during their dedicated time slot on Thursday, Oct. 22, 2–3 p.m. Eastern, or anytime you’d like—they’re on-demand.

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How Leveraging Thought Leadership as a Growth Strategy Led to Nearly $4M in Revenue

Leslie Vickrey, CEO and founder, ClearEdge Marketing
Anna Frazzetto, chief digital technology officer, Tential

When most executives strategize ways to grow and maximize revenue opportunities in new and existing markets, a thought leadership and executive positioning strategy isn’t always high on the priority list. For Anna Frazzetto, chief digital technology officer with Tential, that mindset couldn’t be further from the truth. A truly integrated thought leadership program isn’t just about a single blog or LinkedIn post once a month; it’s about holistically viewing thought leadership as a key revenue driver where the name of the game is value. Join Frazzetto and Vickrey as they share their journey on how value-based selling allows you to dig deeper, stand apart from the competition, uncover hidden opportunities, and ultimately deliver greater value in today’s new reality.

Leveraging Technology in Today’s Virtual Environment

Rachel Graff, digital content creator, Avionté Staffing Software
Nikki Palmer, partner, client service, David Aplin Group

The environment in which we work has dramatically changed. However, the expectations from staffing clients to deliver the same exceptional level of service, and from candidates to provide an engaging and streamlined experience, remains strong. Learn how the partnership between Avionté Staffing Software and David Aplin Group is optimizing processes and workflows in this new virtual environment: innovative technologies, seamless and high-quality client and talent outcomes, strategic candidate engagement, and more.

How Ceipal’s Artificial Intelligence Helped BTG to Grow 3X

Sameer Penakalapati, founder and CEO, CEIPAL Corp.
Stacey Edmond (Green), director of recruiting, BTG Inc.

BTG Inc. has over 500 recruiters on staff. With such a large number of recruiters, they were seeing enormous operational and technology costs. Learn how, thanks to their partnership with Ceipal, they’ve saved over 50% of their costs and have improved their daily submissions by 4X.

Staffmark + WorkN: Changing the Game in Commercial Staffing Recruitment

Jakob Rohn, founder, WorkN
Forrest Wagner, CIO, Staffmark

Hear from WorkN founder Jake Rohn and Forrest Wagner, chief information officer of Staffmark, to learn how Staffmark is leveraging WorkN’s mobile technology to create a digital marketplace—significantly impacting productivity, while enhancing the candidate and client experience. Staffmark’s WorkNow custom, white-labeled mobile app places talent at the center of the tech stack.

According to Wagner, “Today’s workforce desires flexibility and autonomy to search for and accept jobs and engage with us in real time on their mobile phones. In partnering with WorkN, Staffmark’s digital marketplace connects the workforce with our customers in real time, while seamlessly integrating with our front- and back-office operations. The benefit is tremendous not only to the workers and our customers, but it also boosts productivity of our recruiters—allowing them to spend more time servicing customers.”

Building a Culture of Accountability

Mike Lejeune, president, Lighting the Path
Jonathan Wood, director, technical and management search, Wood Personnel

Given today’s turbulent times, there has never been a more critical time to build a culture of self-accountability. Are you seen as an aide in the team’s success, rather than being a micromanager? Mike Lejeune, president of Lighting the Path training and development, and Jon Wood, manager of technical and management search with Wood Personnel, share steps in a three-year journey that began at Staffing World 2017. The process helped Wood create growth strategies that focused on skill development of his team—not just sales increase. The result was record-breaking sales, establishment of new accounts, and a culture of stretching beyond comfort zones.

Maximizing Profitability and Cash Flow to Enhance and Expand Your Value

Jerry Grady, partner, UHY LLP
Leslie Kahn, president and CEO, ALTO Health Care Staffing Inc.

UHY’s accounting and consulting team meets with Leslie Kahn, chief executive officer at ALTO Health Care Staffing, on a quarterly basis to maximize profitability and cash flow to enhance and expand their overall corporate value. Our team analyzed ALTO’s gross margin overall as well as in individual employees and customers while also analyzing the company cash flow model by looking for ways to reduce cash outflow and increase cash inflow. We helped ALTO understand how to maximize profit by analyzing various KPI ratios such as accounts receivable turnover; debt to equity; unbilled time; gross profit margin; net profit margin; operating cash flow; and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA). We also worked with a staffing industry consultant to detect operating issues in various activities in implementing all types of gain share programs. This teamwork has led to growing the business and expanding the company’s capabilities while also diversifying the business.

Beyond Best of Staffing—A Practical Approach to Leveraging Reputation to Fuel Growth

Eric Gregg, CEO and founder, ClearlyRated
Adam Bleibtreu, chief marketing officer, Creative Circle and ASGN

Reputation is in the eye of the beholder. So how do staffing and recruiting leaders measure their reputation, improve the perceptions and experiences of their stakeholders, and leverage those perspectives in a way that drives growth for their firm? In this session, ClearlyRated chief executive officer and founder Eric Gregg and Creative Circle and ASGN chief marketing officer Adam Bleibtreu will discuss real-life examples of how the Best of Staffing survey program helps staffing firms deliver powerful, credible proof of the value they provide. Beyond building reputation, Gregg and Bleibtreu will discuss practical applications for harnessing proof points from clients and placed talent to differentiate from the competition and open new avenues for growth as you navigate the modern economic climate.

Candidate Engagement in a Post-Covid Job Market

Lenore Convery, director, enterprise staffing division, Monster U.S. Staffing
Tom Becker, executive vice president of recruiting, The Judge Group, and CEO and founder, Talennium

Candidate engagement strategies are constantly changing. This has never been truer than in a post-Covid job market. During this session, Lenore Convery, director of Monster’s enterprise staffing division, and Tom Becker, executive vice president of recruiting at The Judge Group and chief executive officer and founder of Talennium, will discuss how staffing firms have been utilizing a whole host of engagement tools to successfully find and build the right relationships with the right candidates. Their discussion will focus on what is important to candidates today, how candidates want to be communicated with, and successful ways of incorporating today’s technology (like Monster’s new search user interface, SearchMonster) to do so. SearchMonster and data solutions have changed the game for The Judge Group and so many of today’s staffing firms. Convery works with Monster’s largest staffing clients to ensure their success. Becker is a thought leader in the industry who has years of experience in recruiting tools ranging from manual, to semi-automated, to fully automated.

How Innovative Technology Helps Nesco Resource Grow and Stay Effective

Emily Clark, chief product officer, JobDiva Inc.
Heath Luikart, vice president of operations, Nesco Resource

A JobDiva client since 2009, Nesco Resource has grown and adapted alongside JobDiva, its staffing platform partner. Named a SIA Top 30 Largest Staffing Company year after year, Nesco Resource wields JobDiva’s artificial intelligence-driven applicant tracking and customer relationship management functionalities, vendor management system synching, and other products and services to help it secure a consistent edge over its competitors. Business outcomes of adopting this leading-edge platform include productivity gains among recruiters, vast time savings, a constant influx of leading-edge enhancements, and more. In this session, Heath Luikart, vice president of operations for Nesco Resource, details how JobDiva helps support his business’s growth and, as they grow, keep them agile.

Forklifts: A Claim Waiting to Happen

Bob Thompson, president, World Wide Specialty Programs
Monte Block, CEO, Rotator Staffing Services Inc.

Forklift accidents are the most common loss or injury for staffing firms. There are Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules and regulations that must be adhered to by the staffing firm and its clients. By having the proper coverage—along with knowing the steps and the certifications, and adhering to the practices set up for good risk management with forklifts—you will protect your staffing company from these losses. Hear from Bob Thompson, president of World Wide, and a client on how they managed this coverage and prevented major losses.

Reboot and Rebuild Business After Covid-19

Amy Bingham, staffing industry consultant, trainer, and leadership coach, Bingham Consultants
Brian Howard, division vice president, Trillium Driver Solutions

When the pandemic hit in mid-March, business dropped immediately for Trillium Driver Solutions. Amy Bingham worked closely with Brian Howard to launch an enterprise-wide sales effectiveness imitative to leverage and grow national account contracts. Attend this session to learn how they successfully restored business and exceeded pre-pandemic revenues.

ESC Provides Increased Value During Challenging Times

Marco Nunez, senior analyst, Essential StaffCARE
Jennifer Lee, human resource manager, Staff Force Inc.

Essential StaffCARE (ESC) is built on a commitment to providing value—both to the workers who enroll in our products, and the staffing firms that make them available. Staff Force Inc. will join ESC to discuss specific ways ESC went above and beyond to meet their needs in the challenging pandemic environment.