Our Staffing World 2021 presenters represent a broad range of perspectives and expertise.

Nagel has held various positions within the staffing services industry ranging from franchise owner to regional vice president to chief executive officer and partner. His insurance and risk management career began in 1979 with the National Council on Compensation Insurance. Within three years he became a staffing service franchise owner in the Midwest. In 1990, he founded a risk management firm, which specialized in providing risk management and loss control services to the staffing industry. After selling this company in 2011, Nagel became an independent consultant and developed a core system of risk management best practices for the staffing industry. He has been recognized as a leader in creating effective risk management and loss control and underwriting guidelines, as well as developing profitable insurance programs. Nagel joined the PMC Insurance Group in 2013 to head its staffing program, StaffPRO3.