Our Staffing World 2021 presenters represent a broad range of perspectives and expertise.

With a passion and interest for disruptive business practices, ideas, and innovations, Marcer plays a key role in partnering with and enabling staffing and recruitment enterprises by helping them achieve more through technology with Professional Advantage’s enterprise staffing solution, 1Staff—a cloud-based staffing and recruiting software solution that leverages the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP platforms. Marcer specializes in intelligent business operations, organizational innovation, process design, and business transformation and is an experienced business improvement campaigner and practitioner. As an advocate for organizational innovation, he has spoken at numerous events, including the CFO Symposium and CPA run seminars. With over 20 years at Professional Advantage, he brings a range of experiences and knowledge leveraging current and past roles, from solutions delivery to financial director, information technology, and project and professional services management, with a focus on improving business performance always being a constant thread throughout.