Keynote Presenter
Paul Zikopoulos

Artificial Intelligence Expert and Vice President of Cognitive Data Systems for IBM

Among the nation’s leading experts on the topic of generative AI, Paul Zikopoulos will delve into this quickly evolving tech topic—with a special lens on the staffing and recruiting industry—when he takes the main stage at Staffing World. Zikopoulos is renowned for his deep knowledge of generative AI and the opportunities and threats it brings to the business world as well as his ability to demystify this complicated subject for distinct audiences.

CIO Look, a global business magazine, named Zikopoulos among its “Top 10 Most Intelligent Leaders in Data Science & Analytics.” He has also been named to numerous thought leader lists on the topics of data and AI. At Staffing World, he will start with the big questions first—such as, what is generative AI and how does it work? And then he’ll delve into the opportunities and threats specific to staffing. There’s no question that generative AI will usher in a new democratized relationship with AI, Zikopoulos asserts, but there is a lot to understand on how this type of AI is made, its pitfalls, the opportunity for fine-tuning, safety, responsible use, and more. This timely keynote presentation will help attendees demystify the new world of generative AI as well as help them develop a strategy to execute and take the next steps in this pivotal moment for business.

Don’t miss this high-octane, high-tech business experience, which Zikopoulos calls “Generative AI: The Good, The Bad, and ChatGPT.” He will advise the Staffing World audience on the AI hype versus its actual effects on business and answer the critical question: Is AI ready right now to deliver transformative change for companies? He says the answer, unequivocally, is yes—and he will make the case for the why and the how in this keynote presentation. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from this renowned AI expert and delve into the developments that can either disrupt or enhance your business.