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About Aspiring Minds/SHL

Aspiring Minds is an AI driven, pre-hire talent assessment platform that evaluates four major areas necessary for candidates to succeed in a role—cognitive abilities, spoken language, behavior, and functional (technical) skills. They have an extensive library of off-the-shelf assessments, ability to make custom assessments, and global customer service.

Why We're Different
Aspiring Mind uses supervised Machine Learning models to grade its technical assessments, which acts as though a human is evaluating the code. This means trivial syntax errors that prevent the code from compiling will be forgiven, since they do not affect the overall caliber of the code and are not indicative of a candidate’s coding capabilities. Compared to traditional technical assessment grading which will automatically reject a candidate if the code does not pass certain test cases, Aspiring Minds’ platform consequently expands the candidate pool by approximately 25% of applicants.
Revenue Model
Pay-per-candidate; Subscription license (this is best suited for medium to large companies); Unlimited access. Pricing depends on hiring volume, but Talent Tech Labs estimates that this could easily amount to a six-figure annual deal.
Staffing Verticals Served
No specific vertical
Perm, Temp or Contract
Client Highlights
Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Deloitte
Aspiring Minds/SHL
Minneapolis, MN