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About BountyJobs

BountyJobs is a data-driven Recruitment Marketplace and VMS that gives HR teams complete control and clarity over their agency process. Through one contract, one portal, and unrivaled benchmarking data, BountyJobs partners with companies to help them simplify, analyze, and then deliver unmatched velocity and results in landing candidates from direct hire agencies.

Why We're Different
BountyJobs provides visibility and a greater understanding of spend and utilization of resources and agencies. It also provides access to a much larger pool of recruiters and across locations in US, EU and beyond.
Revenue Model
Flat Fee Annual Subscription cost for accessing data from Recruiters.Varying fee based on the transaction between the employer and the recruiter - 3% to 25% of the total fee to be paid.
Size of Business Served
Small, Medium and Large Enterprises
Staffing Verticals Served
No specific vertical
Perm, Temp or Contract
Client Highlights
eBay, T-Mobile, Farmers Insurance, Freddie Mac, Sanofi, Capital One, Philips
Austin, TX
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