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About HackerRank

HackerRank is a platform for assessing technical talent. They were one of the first to market and have become the best-known platform for assessing technical expertise. HackerRank traditionally digitized the academic structures for testing technical knowledge. The product includes coding challenges, paired-coding assessments, and a library of off-the-shelf tests.

Why We're Different
HackerRank is the most commonly used assessment for technical talent.
Revenue Model
HackerRank's Premium packages typically range between $10,000 and $25,000 annually. Users can assess up to 300 candidates/recruiter per month.
Size of Business Served
Medium and Large Enterprises
Staffing Verticals Served
Perm, Temp or Contract
Client Highlights
Morgan Stanley, PayPal, WePay, Atlassian, LinkedIn, Career Up, and Randstad
Mountain View, California
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