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About Restless Bandit
Restless Bandit is a matching solution which uses vector space analysis to take multiple variables into consideration when analyzing a resume and career trajectory in order to stack rank candidates against a particular job.
Why We're Different
Restless Bandit has a team of Ph.D.’s who create the models that analyze millions of job descriptions and resumes to make these matches. The model becomes more accurate as it used by a client company.
Revenue Model
Restless Bandit operates a tiered pricing model based on the number of resumes that the company analyzes annually. The tiers start at 0-250k resumes and increase in bands from 250k-750k, 750k-1.5m, 1.5m-3m, 3m-5m and finally 5+ million resumes. The average contract is around $75k - $125k.
Size of Business Served
Medium and Large Enterprises
Staffing Verticals Served
No specific vertical
Perm, Temp or Contract
Client Highlights
Adidas, Kimberly-Clark, Accenture, Verifone, Macy’s, Quicken Loans, USA Today, Wayfair, Novo Nordisk, Nike, Deloitte, and comScore.
Restless Bandit
New York, NY
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