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Social Intelligence provides social media data, analytics, tools, and reports to commercial and Government organizations on requested candidates. Social Intelligence provides a comprehensive report of who is being hired. These reports are created manually, and every analyst at Social Intelligence is FCRA-certified. They review and flag user-generated content in four primary categories: 1) Racist, Sexist, or Discriminatory Behavior 2) Sexually Explicit Material 3) Threats or Acts of Violence 4) Potentially Illegal Activity

Why We're Different
Social Intelligence goes deeper than a criminal check and provides organizations with a real understanding of who it is that they are hiring.
Revenue Model
Social Media Hiring Report: $10 per report which include one year of social media history. These reports take twenty-four hours to produce.SMHR Pro: $35 per report which include seven years of social media history. These reports take between 24-36 to produceEnterprise: Custom pricing based on volume.
Size of Business Served
Large Enterprises
Staffing Verticals Served
No specific vertical focus.
Perm, Temp or Contract
All, primarily Permanent
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Social Intelligence
Santa Barbara, CA
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