Candidate Engagement Conversational Bots

Xor is a chatbot that is built to help organizations with high volume hiring needs. Xor integrates with ATSs, company career pages, and external software providers. Xor engages talent automatically to qualify whether they are capable of doing the required job within minutes and then sets the interview or next step.

Why We're Different
Xor's interview scheduling capabilities are top-of-the-range, and it integrates with all the major calendering providers. Xor can process candidates in over 100 languages.
Revenue Model
Xor's pricing is based on the number of interviews per month, starting at $699 for 500 interviews per month and expanding in tiers to $2499 per month for up to 3000 interviews.
Staffing Verticals Served
High volume, Light Industrial
Perm, Temp or Contract
Client Highlights
Delta Dallas, Ikea and IBS Group
San Francisco, CA
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