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  • San Francisco, CA

    Censia allows companies to identify workforce skill gaps and monitor diversity initiatives. With Censia you can source passive candidates, rank, and compare candidates for fit to postings. Anti-bias modes are available More ›

    Social Search
  • Parsippany, NJ

    Matching technology that uses data and AI to help companies identify candidate fit to jobs. The tool is a top of the funnel solution for sourcing candidates, AI screening, shortlisting, and interview scheduling. More ›

    Matching Solutions
  • Phoenix, AZ

    AI-based talent rediscovery and matching system that aggregates data from clients’ ATS and CRM to create a holistic database of managed applicant profiles. More ›

    Matching Solutions
  • Sunnyvale, CA

    Get access to real-time LinkedIn data and insights on talent pools and companies of interest. Talent Insights translates LinkedIn member profiles into unique data points, which are aggregated and standardized for comparison at a macro level. More ›

    Labor Market Intelligence
  • Moscow, Idaho

    Emsi’s labor market analytics help corporate and staffing companies understand employment, economic trends, and training needs across regions. More ›

    Labor Market Intelligence
  • Nashua, New Hampshire

    Claro Analytics is a global labor market intelligence platform that organizes all of the world’s workforce information and makes it easily accessible so that organizations can make more strategic decisions about talent. More ›

    Labor Market Intelligence
  • Richmond, VA

    Chmura is an economic consultancy and solution provider of labor market data and analysis tools More ›

    Labor Market Intelligence
  • Dallas, Texas

    OutMatch combines the best components of multiple hiring solutions to supercharge your ATS and deliver a holistic, candidate-driven hiring experience. More ›

    Video Interviewing
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Create and distribute custom video or telephone interviews. Job seekers interview at their convenience—no more scheduling hassles. Recruiters review candidates ten times faster at any time and can easily share interviews with colleagues and hiring managers to expedite the hiring process. More ›

    Video Interviewing
  • San Francisco, CA

    The world’s only AI recruitment coordinator that handles all the time-consuming work of interview scheduling and coordination while keeping the human touch and consistently delivering an amazing candidate experience for your company. More ›

    Interview Management System

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