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  • Lincolnshire, IL

    ScoutLogic offers a full range of background checks and reference checks, and assigns each case a “scout” to ensure that recruiters have a touchpoint for questions and issues. More ›

    Background Checks
  • Strongsville, Ohio

    CrimCheck offers both background and reference checks from a fully paperless platform. More ›

    Background Checks
  • Cleveland, Ohio

    Asurint offers a full suite of background checks and verification through their automated platform. They provide a web based portal and adjudication/adverse action notification and assistance More ›

    Background Checks
  • Pune, Maharashtra, India

    In addition to its library of more than 2000 skill assessments, iMocha offers custom, branded assessments and assessments integrated into live video interviewing. More ›

  • Minneapolis, MN

    An AI driven, pre-hire talent assessment platform that evaluates four major areas necessary for candidates to succeed in a role—cognitive abilities, spoken language, behavior, and functional (technical) skills. More ›

  • Marble Falls, TX

    World’s best Resume/CV Parsing and AI Matching delivered through a REST JSON API or open-source SDK. Sovren’s software is the most accurate, fastest, and most scalable in the industry. More ›

    Matching Solutions
  • Austin, TX
  • New York, NY
  • San Francisco, CA

    Harness the power of big data and machine learning to fill your recruiting pipeline with people you’d love to hire. More ›

    Conversational Bots
  • Raleigh, NC

    A market-leading AI recruiting company with a focus on sourcing and hiring quality candidates faster & easier through automated sourcing and AI-driven solutions. More ›

    Matching Solutions

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