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  • Parsippany, NJ

    Matching technology that uses data and AI to help companies identify candidate fit to jobs. The tool is a top of the funnel solution for sourcing candidates, AI screening, shortlisting, and interview scheduling. More ›

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  • Phoenix, AZ

    AI-based talent rediscovery and matching system that aggregates data from clients’ ATS and CRM to create a holistic database of managed applicant profiles. More ›

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  • Marble Falls, TX

    World’s best Resume/CV Parsing and AI Matching delivered through a REST JSON API or open-source SDK. Sovren’s software is the most accurate, fastest, and most scalable in the industry. More ›

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  • Raleigh, NC

    A market-leading AI recruiting company with a focus on sourcing and hiring quality candidates faster & easier through automated sourcing and AI-driven solutions. More ›

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  • Edinburgh, Scotland

    DaXtra is a leader in recruitment management software, globally. Maximize the value of your recruitment database with our software solutions. More ›

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  • Amsterdam, NI

    Used by thousands of recruitment and staffing agencies, Textkernel uses machine learning and semantic technology to match people and jobs. More ›

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  • New York, NY

    Transform how companies hire, retain talent, and adapt for the future of work. More ›

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  • Cincinnati, OH

    tilr automates the recruitment process by using skills to connect companies with job seekers. More ›

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