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  • Register now ASA members-free Nonmembers-$100 This program is sponsored by Program brought to you by: Who Should Attend All workforce solutions professionals Highlights The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has published its long-anticipated emergency temporary standard (“ETS”) regarding COVID-19 focused on the healthcare industry. The ETS includes brand new provisions, such as requiring that employers… More ›

    1.0 Legal CE Aug 2, 2021
    Topics: Employment Law, Safety, OSHA
  • The American Staffing Association today announced its participation in Business Action for Childhood Vaccinations, an initiative launched by the Health Action Alliance, bringing together a broad coalition of business and health organizations to support working parents who wish to vaccinate their children against Covid-19 and other diseases. Comprised of more than two dozen national business… More ›

    Topics: Safety, Staffing Laws & Regulations, Staffing Specific Laws
  • The American Staffing Association and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) are pleased to announce a five-year partnership agreement to advance the protection of temporary workers. The new partnership will ensure the promotion of best practices, support the application of research to practice,… More ›

    Topics: Work/Life Balance, Safety
  • Why do you choose one restaurant over another? It’s likely not the price—or at least not just the price—because most restaurants charge about the same as their competition. Location probably factors into your decision, although restaurants tend to set up in areas where there are a variety of dining options. It’s probably not even the… More ›

    Topics: Safety
  • When communicating with employees about Covid-19 vaccination, firms should: Provide clear, thorough, and correct information about vaccination. Misinformation not only threatens vaccination efforts, but also undermines public trust in vaccines. While geared to essential workers, the CDC has put together a Covid-19 vaccine toolkit to help employers educate employees, including materials for communicating with employees… More ›

    Topics: Safety
  • While the start of 2021 ushered in plenty of change in Washington, DC, the same could not be said when it came to state capitols across the country. On the federal level, president Joe Biden took the oath of office on Jan. 20, giving Democrats control of the White House and Congress for the first… More ›

    Topics: Employment Law, Safety
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    1.0 Passive CE Jul 9, 2021
    Topics: Compliance & Risk Management, Employment Law, Safety
  • After years of effort by ASA, the Ohio Staffing & Search Association (an ASA-affiliated chapter), and allies in the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Ohio legislature quietly and without public fanfare repealed the state sales tax on employment services. The repeal provision, which was part of a massive state budget bill, was signed into law… More ›

    Topics: Employment Law, Safety, Staffing Specific Laws
  • As the California legislature approached its deadline for moving bills from the house of origin to the second house, advocacy efforts led by ASA, its affiliated chapter California Staffing Professionals, and California lobbyist Mike Robson of Edelstein Gilbert Robson & Smith LLC were instrumental in derailing two California bills that would have had a major… More ›

    Topics: Employment Law, Safety, Staffing Specific Laws
  • Last week, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a new law aimed at ensuring temporary worker safety in the construction and manufacturing industries. The law requires host employers to review the safety training provided by staffing firms, document and inform staffing firms about the site-specific hazards temporary workers may face, and train temporary workers on any… More ›

    Topics: Employment Law, Safety, Staffing Specific Laws

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