What’s Next for Unemployment Insurance and What It Means for Staffing FirmsM


ASA On-DemandSince the “Great Recession” ended in 2009, the average state unemployment insurance (UI) tax rate has increased 47%, and the average state UI wage base has increased 19%. In addition, federal unemployment taxes increased in more than 20 states.

Now the trend line is starting to turn in the other direction—evidence shows UI tax rates moving downward nationally and in a number of states. Lower rates could present emerging opportunities for businesses—will your staffing firm be prepared to take advantage of them?

ASA webinar participants will learn straightforward planning techniques to achieve savings and find out about the challenges presented by newly mandated legislation. The laws that are intended to improve the integrity of the unemployment insurance system may require employers to provide timely and complete information to state workforce agencies—or face fines and penalties.

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