White Paper: Candidate Communication Isn’t Enough if There’s No Connection

Talent Tech Labs examine trends in recruitment and staffing to show how they are evolving within the industry and affecting staffing companies today.

Business leaders love data. And obviously it’s incredibly important to generate, collect, and profit from user data, as these data power many talent acquisition technologies, and allow for entirely new business models and approaches.

However, in staffing, that’s not the end goal.

Talent Tech Labs would argue that the industry’s main challenge today is not data, but rather engagement. The data-gathering part of the recruiting function has largely been solved, but staffing firms still face significant challenges in getting candidates to engage with them.

This white paper investigates why candidate engagement is so important for staffing success, why it is so challenging to engage candidates effectively, and which emerging technologies can help staffing companies develop engaging candidate experiences that can, in turn, boost their top
and bottom lines.

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