Free State Legislative Issues Webinar Now Available On Demand

With the power shifts in Washington, DC, organized labor is taking its agenda to state houses across the country, resulting in hundreds of bills being introduced that would have an adverse effect on the staffing industry and could change the way your business operates.

State level legislative Webinar

Learn more about key issues that could affect your business by accessing this 30-minute webinar led by ASA government affairs counsel Toby Malara. During this program, Malara covers these important staffing-specific legislative issues:

  • Proposals that would require clients to offer additional hours to their part-time staff before using temporary employees
  • Right-to-know provisions that require written notice to temporary workers for each assignment
  • Predictive scheduling proposals that require unreasonable advance notice of work schedules
  • Paid leave mandates
  • Legislation that would prohibit employers from inquiring about a potential employee's salary history
  • Sales and other mandated taxes on staffing services

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