White Paper: Staffing Technology & Operationalizing Innovation

The most successful organizations leverage changes in technology as an opportunity. To drive change in a positive direction, innovation is essential.

Innovation, though, is hard. The vision may not be obvious. Exactly where change will lead you can also be less than totally clear. Selecting the right tools and approach are risky propositions. And, if that’s not challenge enough, innovation is oftentimes really hard to implement successfully.

Adoption is the place where the organization arrives when all the steps line up and you’ve put a new system or process in place and it all works—every stakeholder is satisfied, and the targeted outcomes are being achieved. It’s the last hop from to your vision becoming a working reality. Operationalizing innovation is the practice by which organizations can design processes to enhance their chances of achieving successful adoption of any change initiative.

This white paper highlights the key elements of the process of operationalizing innovation.

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