Sponsorship Benefits

See all available sponsorships associated with these benefits on the Sponsorships page.

Premier Level
(Over $15,000)
Signature Level
 Select Level
(under $10,000)
Full-page ad in the Advance and Final programs
Three exhibitor registrations
Select bundle on ASA online suppliers directory
Two invitations to chairman’s reception
Take One distribution
Daily mobile app “Buzz”
Half-page ad in Advance and Final programs
Two exhibitor registrations
Upgraded bundle on ASA online suppliers directory
Logo recognition in board of directors briefing book
Logo recognition in Advance and Final programs
Recognition in material related to sponsorship
Text recognition in Final programs
Recognition on Staffing World website
Preshow and postshow mailing lists
Recognition in Staffing Success and Staffing Today

Note: Select, Signature, and Premier packages are not cumulative. Specific sponsorship benefits and fees may be subject to change and are detailed in a separate agreement; some benefits require additional forms. Benefits fulfillment subject to applicable deadlines.