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Staffing Today is the No. 1 source for industry new, reaching more than 40,000 staffing professionals daily. The largest circulating publication in the staffing industry, Staffing Today reaches a broad audience that goes beyond ASA members.

Staffing Today Daily Newsletter

Staffing Today also keeps the entire staffing community informed on important ASA advocacy, court actions, regulatory developments, and legislation that can directly affect clients, employees, and business operations. The daily newsletter also carries an all-inclusive summary of the association’s most current professional resources, educational events, and important reminders.

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Artwork and editorial must be submitted two weeks prior to issue date. Email digital artwork directly to Sarah Senges at s******


Position 3 days 8 days 13 days 26 days 43 days
Premium $3,786 $8,149 $$12,162 $20,480 $29,202
Featured $2,072 $6,084 $9,088 $10,915 $14,601
Sponsored Content $3,786 $8,149 $$12,162 $20,480 $29,202
Premium Ad

Posted to the left side of the first editorial item in the newsletter vertically so that the readers will see it in the opening screen.

FeatureD Ad

Posted to the left side in the newsletter underneath the premium position.

Sponsored Content

Posted within the body of the editorial.

*Rates listed above are for ASA associate member companies. For nonmembers, add 50%.


Ad Specifications

— Ad dimensions are 728 x 90 pixels

— Ad dimensions are 300 x 250 pixels accommodating ad for mobile site

JPG, PNG or GIF format

Ads will be hyperlinked to advertiser’s website. Provide a custom URL or Bitly for tracking.

All banners should be JPG, PNG or GIF files only, 25 kb at 72 dpi resolution. Many recipients of Staffing Today use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, which does not allow animation; only the first frame of an animated GIF will show, so key content and messages should be in that frame. Each ad is hyperlinked to the advertiser’s website.

Sponsored Content Specifications

Title max=10 words. Abstract max=50 words; 2-3 item, single-line bulleted list option; Advertiser provides custom URL or Bitly for tracking.