April 29-30

Get the legal answers you need during this virtual event, designed especially for staffing firms.

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May 19

THRIVE 2021: Elevating & Empowering Women in Staffing

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April 21

Staffing STATS—Data-Centric Webinar Series Q2: What Today’s Employment Data Means for Your Company Tomorrow

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    Topics: Compliance & Risk Management, Employment Law, Staffing Specific Laws



ASA Research

Get valuable market and competitive insight, or gain an informed perspective on the industry. This is your source for staffing industry economic data, survey reports, research, and analysis.

Workplace Harassment Prevention Training for Temporary Workers

ASA and Kantola Training Solutions have partnered to provide staffing-specific online training to ensure your temporary workers are educated and compliant with new laws. There is also a basic New York course available.


ASA partners with industry leaders

ASA has multiyear corporate partnerships with Bullhorn, Essential StaffCARE, ClearlyRated, Monster, and World Wide Specialty Programs. Meet our partners ›