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Staffing Success-2023 Special Issue


Issue Highlights

2023 Staffing Industry Playbook

Is your company poised to increase market share, grow profits, and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the year ahead?
2023 Staffing Industry Playbook
Here is the data, industry-specific analysis, and sector-level information that will help you make strategic decisions.This playbook is the resource you need to ensure your company is prepared, agile, and successful.

You won't find a more up-to-date, comprehensive, and useful resource anywhere. See what's inside:

    • Economic Expansion
    • Gross Domestic Product
    • Unemployment Rate
    • Job Opening and Hires
    • Labor Force Participation Rate

    • ASA Staffing Index
    • Average Weekly Staffing Employment
    • Annual Staffing Employment
    • Staffing Penetration Rate
    • Staffing and Recruiting Industry Sales
    • Staffing Companies and Office

    • Forecasting Economic Growth
    • Expected Sales Growth
    • Employment Growth by Industry
    • Sector Growth Factors

    • Top Reasons Workers Leave Jobs
    • Staffing Employee Turnover & Tenure
    • Candidate Interview Preferences
    • Remote Work Pros and Cons
    • Workers Open to Second Jobs

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