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Doing Business with the Federal Government

Staffing firms across the country and in all sectors have opportunities to earn government contracts for temporary and contract staffing as well as search and placement assignments.

“The premiere gateway into the federal market is through U.S. General Services Administration schedules,” says James Phillips of Centre Consulting, a GSA consulting and training service.

The GSA’s reported annual business volume for fiscal year 2015 was $60 billion.

Becoming a government supplier takes work. GSA rejects more than 45% of all schedule proposals, according to Centre Consulting, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort.

Selling to the federal government can provide significant revenues for staffing firms—but the process can be a bit overwhelming. ASA members that have successfully sold to the federal government created the content on these pages (linked below) to help other members explore opportunities and increase their chances of success in procuring government contracts.

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