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The ASA Sales Staffing Pro Stack provides an upgraded, fully online, self-paced learning experience. Courses provide practical application of key concepts crucial to staffing professionals seeking to level up their careers.

What you get

  • Sales Pro Stack contains nine lessons
  • Each lesson can be completed in approximately 90 minutes
  • Instructional videos are provided by industry experts
  • Interactive elements, including forum-like posts and discussions, are part of each course
  • Participants collaborate with knowledgeable colleagues in the industry
  • Each lesson ends with a single quiz evaluation (passing score is 70%)

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Sales Pro Stack Course Learning Objectives

  • Lesson 1: Develop Your Sales Pitch

    • Ask the right questions to better understand your customer's needs
    • Put the customer (and the customer’s needs) in your sales pitch

    Lesson 2: Persuasive Selling

    • Practice persuasive selling in your next business call
    • Overcome the most common objections during discovery calls

    Lesson 3: It’s Not About You

    • Connect better with prospects
    • Improve your relationships with clients
    • Generate more revenue by closing more sales

    Lesson 4: Understanding Your Pricing Structure

    • Understand the standard hourly pricing model used in staffing
    • Better estimate if deals will be profitable

    Lesson 5: Understanding Your Current Resources

    • Identify negotiable items in your deals with clients
    • Utilize more non-monetary benefits to keep your clients happy
    • Create deal guidelines for your salespeople

    Lesson 6: Client Communication

    • Develop deeper relationships with a wider client base
    • Strengthen client relationships over time

    Lesson 7: Leveraging Social Media

    • Develop a personal brand
    • Leverage personal stories to create social media content that generates revenue

    Lesson 8: Client Engagement and Repeat Business

    • Build trust with your clients
    • Increase penetration in your client accounts

    Lesson 9: Business Development and Growth Strategy

    • Develop a strategy for working with both small and enterprise customers
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies and iterate over time

Sales Pro Stack List of Featured Subject Matter Experts

  • Threase Baker, TSC, CSP, president, Abbtech Professional Resources Inc.
  • Kelly Boykin, founder, Growth Curve Advisors
  • Kathy George, president, Spherion Staffing & Recruiting
  • Kelly Irons, chief executive officer and president, developUs Worldwide
  • Jason Leverant, president and CEO, AtWork Group
  • Ben Mastrogiovanni, regional account executive, The Davis Cos.
  • Mary Ann McLaughlin, managing partner and co-owner, Butler Street Consulting
  • David Searns, co-CEO, Haley Marketing Group
  • Shad Tidler, consultant, Lushin Inc.

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