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Make Your Case: Why You Should Earn an ASA Credential

You know earning an ASA credential is the next step for your career growth, and you are ready to move forward with your studies. But first you have to convince your boss.

Most bosses are concerned with the return on investment and your time spent on earning a credential. But don’t worry, ASA has you covered. Use these tools and tactics to convince the right person at your company and soon you'll earn the most widely recognized certification in the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry.

Scroll through this page and build your case to earn an ASA credential:



Top Benefits of Earning an ASA Credential

Every staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions professional has different reasons for earning an ASA credential. Here are five of the most popular reasons for you to share with your boss:

    1. Protect the rights of your most valuable asset—your candidates, the temporary and contract employees you put to work every day. Your candidates want to experience the best possible relationship with your firm.
    2. Protect your staffing firm, your employer, and your team—by being familiar enough with the law to recognize red, and maybe even yellow flags and know that these may be issues to consider-and perhaps to discuss with legal counsel.
    3. Protect your client—by acting as not just a staffing firm, but as a partner that will protect the client's interest, from a legal perspective. ASA often hears about the commoditization of the staffing industry. One way to overcome this perception is to differentiate your firm from the competition by emphasizing its ability to recognize what joint and co-employment mean in any context.
  • Learn about the legalities of protecting your business. "You want to work with my firm because we have nationally certified professionals who look out for your interest, we know the law, and we can show you how it applies to your firm and keep everyone out of trouble. We are true partners that look out for your interests."
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  • What you learn from studying for and passing the exam to earn an ASA credential will ultimately help you guide your firm. Not only will you develop yourself professionally, you also will be using what you learn to improve your firm's bottom line. ASA-certified professionals are part of an elite community of industry professionals who add value to their client relationships, make their companies more competitive, and raise the professionalism and expertise of the industry.

  • Industry-leading education from ASA includes webinars, conference sessions, employment law textbooks, and premium materials that ensure you are learning the most up-to-date information about the most relevant topics. You'll also enhance your employment law knowledge thanks to the expertise of the ASA legal team, some of the top attorneys in the industry.

  • Staying up-to-date and knowing the laws in your profession is hard work. You have to be an expert in your specialty and know how to keep your firm ahead of the competition. Show co-workers, talent, clients, and your industry that you have the credentials to be a well trusted and skillful staffing professional.

For these reasons, there’s no better time to earn the Certified Staffing Professional, Technical Services Certified, Certified Search Consultant, and/or Certified Health Care Staffing Professional credential from ASA. More than 9,500 professionals in the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry have already earned ASA credentials—it’s time for you to join the industry elite.

Tools for Convincing Your Boss

Use these tools to demonstrate the tangible benefits of receiving an ASA credential to your boss. These tools will also show that you have done your research:


CSP Cert Pin

See What Your Colleagues Are Saying

Amy Cicero
“Obtaining an ASA credential shows your peers, candidates, and future clients that you are a true professional at what you do. It provides excellent credibility and a thorough understanding of employment law.”

—Amy Cicero, CSC, Veritas Recruiting Group LLC

Anna Funderburk
“CSP…these three letters give me the opportunity to distinguish myself from others in the staffing industry and provide me with the knowledge I need to protect our company, clients, and candidates.”

—Anna Funderburk, CSP, Recruiting Solutions

Janette Miramontes
“If you are like me—someone who is very passionate and eager for professional development—I would absolutely recommend going through this process. This is a challenge that is greatly rewarding to work ethic as well as to self-esteem.”

—Janette Miramontes, TSC, CSP, Johnson Service Group

Jason Patrick
“I am much more informed about employment law and the recent challenges we all face as they relate to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. ASA certification has helped me speak as an industry leader within my market.”

—Jason Patrick, TSC, CSP, CSC, Express Employment Professionals

Jessica Meyers
“I can show my colleagues and clients that I have complete understanding of the health care staffing industry, and the CHP certification is the best way to do that.”

—Jessica Meyers, CHP, Stat Staff Professionals

Katelyn Remp
“By obtaining your ASA credential, you will be recognized among a highly educated group of staffing professionals—something both clients and employees respect.”

—Katelyn Remp, CSP, Allied Personnel Services

Maureen Heisinger
“What's the best part about being TSC, CSP certified, you ask? The added confidence I have when speaking about employment-related issues specifically within the staffing industry.”

—Maureen Heisinger, TSC, CSP, Day & Zimmermann Group Inc.

Winston R. DeMonsabert
“Staffing professionals who want to show they are the best at what they do need to be ASA certified.”

—Winston R. DeMonsabert, TSC, CSP, Twenty Bridge Staffing

Once you earn your credential, participate in these ASA events to earn continuing education hours that count toward maintaining it. As an employee of an ASA member company, you have access to all ASA webinars and on-demand recordings for free.

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