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Make sure you’re on track to fill the CE requirement for maintaining your ASA credential, view your renewal deadline, and pay your renewal fee.

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Registered attendees who are ASA-certified and view the entire webinar will automatically see the earned CE hour added to their online CE status within three business days. You no longer need to submit earned hours from attending live ASA webinars on the CE submission form.

You must still submit your earned CE hours from any ASA On-Demand recordings and previous live webinars attended.

Submit your Earned CE Hours to ASA

As you earn CE hours to maintain your ASA credential, you must submit them to ASA using the online CE submission form. Once you submit CE hours to ASA, it may take up to three business days for the approved CE to appear in your CE status.

When filling out your CE submission, please enter the date and time you completed the activity. For example, if on March 26, 2017, you watched an ASA On-Demand recording (which aired live on Dec. 6, 2016) you would enter the activity for March 26, 2017—the date you actually viewed the recording. Likewise, you would enter your actual location where you viewed the video.

To calculate your CE hourly credit for an activity (i.e. conference or seminar sessions) please use the following guideline: 15 minutes = 0.25 CE, 30 minutes = 0.50 CE, 45 minutes = 0.75 CE, and 60 minutes = 1.00 CE.

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Renew Your ASA Credential

After you’ve completed the 30-hour CE requirement, you can submit your renewal fee online.

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