ASA Staffing Index

The ASA Staffing Index tracks weekly changes in temporary and contract employment and serves as an indicator of current economic conditions.

July 2021ASA Staffing Index Monthly Report

After two weeks of holiday-related declines, the ASA Staffing Index for July 12–18 rebounded (+3.9%) from the prior week—reaching a rounded value of 97. Despite the recovery, many staffing firms cited the ongoing effects of Covid-19 as a factor limiting further employment growth. Staffing jobs were up 36% from the same week last year, a significantly narrower year-to-year gap compared with the average of 49% seen over the previous 15 weeks.

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The ASA Staffing Index

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All staffing firms with U.S. operations are invited to participate in the ASA Staffing Index survey. There are no fees for participation, and the nine-question survey takes only seconds each week to complete. Participants receive three emails per week: an invitation sent Wednesday morning to complete the survey by Monday evening, a Monday morning reminder, and a report on the weekly results (usually sent Tuesday morning).

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Staffing Jobs as an Economic IndicatorThe ASA Staffing Index as an Economic Indicator

Many experts agree—and ASA research confirms—that staffing industry employment serves as a coincident economic indicator and a leading indicator of total U.S. nonfarm employment. The ASA Staffing Index bears watching as a near real-time measure of weekly trends in staffing industry employment and current economic conditions, as well as of future overall employment trends.

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About the ASA Staffing Index

The ASA Staffing Index tracks weekly changes in temporary and contract employment. Survey results are typically posted nine days after the close of a given work week, providing a near real-time gauge of staffing industry employment and overall economic activity.