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ASA Staffing Pro Stacks - Leadership


The ASA Leadership Staffing Pro Stack provides an upgraded, fully online, self-paced learning experience. Courses provide practical application of key concepts crucial to staffing professionals seeking to level up their careers.

What you get

  • Leadership Staffing Pro Stack contains nine lessons
  • Each lesson can be completed in approximately 90 minutes
  • Instructional videos are provided by industry experts
  • Interactive elements, including forum-like posts and discussions, are part of each course
  • Participants collaborate with knowledgeable colleagues in the industry
  • Each lesson ends with a single quiz evaluation (passing score is 70%)

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Leadership Pro Stack Course Learning Objectives

  • Lesson 1: Leadership Styles

    • Define leadership
    • Recognize different leadership styles
    • Apply the best leadership techniques for your teams

    Lesson 2: Positioning Yourself as a Leader

    • Advocate for your employees
    • Delegate tasks to your employees more effectively
    • Broaden your understanding of your industry by growing your social network

    Lesson 3: Identifying Core Values and Vision

    • Differentiate between vision and values
    • Create buy-in from your teams
    • Develop a plan for action

    Lesson 4: Effective One-on-Ones

    • Understand what goes wrong in many of these meetings
    • Set appropriate goals
    • Identify next action steps
    • Change your delivery style to match your audience

    Lesson 5: Operations Management

    • Understand your business's finances
    • Recognize when is the right time to hire a new employee
    • Practice excellent documentation procedures

    Lesson 6: Performance Management

    • Communicate expectations effectively
    • Manage teams while fulfilling your own workload
    • Foster cooperation and manage competitiveness in your teams

    Lesson 7: Tracking Performance Metrics and Holding Difficult Conversations

    • Create various types of manager agreements
    • Provide constructive feedback following the five best practices

    Lesson 8: Decision Making

    • Identify the three decision types
    • Develop methods to speed up the decision-making process and delegate tasks more effectively
    • Address personal biases that may affect the decision-making process

    Lesson 9: Financial Management

    • Identify the base components of a profit and loss statement
    • Calculate and evaluate profitability percentages, staff leverage ratios, and staff productivity ratios
    • Recognize which expenses are variable expenses
    • Identify ways to limit financial risk

Leadership Pro Stack List of Featured Subject Matter Experts

  • Ashley Andersen, senior vice president, rising, ClearEdge
  • Kelly Boykin, founder, Growth Curve Advisors
  • Joe Chiarella, regional director of business development, Elective Staffing LLC
  • John Healy, chief executive,
  • Kelly Irons, chief executive officer and president, developUs Worldwide
  • Mike Lejeune, president, Lighting the Path
  • Jason Leverant, president and CEO, AtWork Group
  • Sara Luchsinger, CSP, senior vice president of operations, SEEK Careers / Staffing
  • Robert Reid, principal, Butler Street

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