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Volunteering with ASA provides many benefits—including the opportunity to network with your peers, learn about trends and best practices, develop leadership skills, and build upon your experiences and knowledge.

There are different opportunities to suit your interests, level of effort, and time commitment. For a list of opportunities available to ASA members, please refer to the information below.

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Education and Certification Committee

The ASA education and certification committee aims to champion industry education among ASA members, affiliated chapters, and state networks in coordination with ASA staff. Committee members will assist with vetting, rating, and choosing sessions for Staffing World, the annual ASA convention. The education and certification committee may also be tasked with special projects as needed, including the development of educational courses and reviewing content to ensure relevance.

Staff Liaison: Emily Lawson, Director, Education and Certification

Employee Safety Committee

The employee safety committee assists with the development and promotion of best practices for employee safety for all sectors of the staffing industry (i.e., industrial, health care, professional, technical, etc.). In addition, the committee provides feedback on U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration documentation as it relates to the Temporary Worker Initiative. This committee strives to put safety at the forefront of the staffing industry to promote staffing firms as the employers of choice for job candidates and with clients.

Staff Liaison: Brittany Sakata, Esq., General Counsel

Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Advocacy (IDEA) Group Council

IDEA group council members will support ASA in developing a strategy and mission focusing on inclusion, diversity, and equality; developing tools and resources for members; planning networking events; and potentially presenting on behalf of the industry.

Staff Liaison: Haley M. Jones, CAE, Director, Member Engagement

Industry Marketing and Public Relations Committee

The ASA industry marketing and public relations committee advises the ASA board of directors and staff on how the association can promote the staffing industry as a good source of jobs and strategic workforce partner to U.S. businesses to the news media, influencers, and the public. The committee serves as a forum for the exchange of best practices, strategies, and ideas in support of ASA goals in this area and regarding challenges facing the industry.

Staff Liaison: Megan Sweeney, Director, Public Relations

Membership Committee

The membership committee provides insight and guidance related to the recruitment, orientation, and retention of members, and helps to ensure yearly membership goals are met. Membership committee members serve as ambassadors for the association, speaking with potential and new members as needed, and provides feedback on how the association supports the industry and their business.

Staff Liaison: Diana Mertz, CAE, CSP, Senior Director, Membership and Engagement

Legal and Legislative Committee

Legal and legislative committee members assist the ASA legal and government affairs staff on legal, legislative, and regulatory issues affecting the staffing industry. They provide staffing-specific context to legislation to protect the industry.

Staff Liaison: Brittany Sakata, Esq, General Counsel

Political Action Committee

Staff Liaison: Toby Malara, Esq., Vice President, Government Relations

Social Responsibility Committee

The ASA social responsibility committee advises the ASA board of directors and staff on strategies to help educate member companies about the benefits of social responsibility and to encourage the adoption of social responsibility programs. The committee serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas among committee members in support of the association’s social responsibility goals and strategies.

Staff Liaison: Megan Sweeney, Director, Public Relations

Staffing Technology Taskforce

The staffing technology taskforce advises the ASA board of directors and staff on technology trends within the staffing industry. The taskforce will assist ASA in growing its technology-related resources by participating in projects such as updating the Essential Elements of Staffing Technology ecosystem map, producing informational webinars, and serving as technology solutions subject matter experts for ASA publications.

Staff Liaison: Dustin Norwood, Vice President and Chief Learning Officer

Women in Leadership Interest Group Council

The purpose of the ASA women in leadership interest group is to bring visibility to the value of women leaders in the global staffing industry and to provide education and support tools to companies committed to expanding and developing opportunities for female leaders in all career stages. Women in leadership council members will share their experiences and expertise as advisers and mentors for each other and for other leaders in the industry. In addition, the council will work to provide more professional development and educational opportunities to strengthen and advance the knowledge and skills of women leaders.

Staff Liaison: Diana Mertz, CAE, CSP, Senior Director, Membership and Engagement

Section Councils

Staff Liaison: Haleema M. Burton, Senior Manager, Member Engagement

ASA has six membership sections to address the needs and interests of individual staffing industry sectors. A council in each section helps guide section activities and identifies sector-specific needs and opportunities.

Engineering, IT, and Scientific
The engineering, IT, and scientific section serves firms that place engineers, scientists, laboratory technicians, architects, draftsmen, technical writers and illustrators, and other individuals with special skills or training in technical fields involving math or science; and consultants, analysts, programmers, designers, installers, and other occupations involving computer sciences or communications technology.

Health Care
The health care section serves firms that place physicians, dentists, nurses, hygienists, medical technicians, therapists, home health aides, custodial care workers, and other health care workers.

The industrial section serves firms that place workers in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and industrial- and construction-based businesses, including warehouse, assembly, transportation, hospitality, and maintenance workers; food handlers; cleaners; drivers; tradespeople; machine operators; and day laborers.

The office–administrative section serves firms that place secretaries, general office clerks, receptionists, administrative assistants, work-processing and data entry operators, cashiers, and other office–administrative workers.

The professional–managerial section serves firms that place professional, managerial, and other nontechnical professionals in occupations that require higher skill or education levels.

Direct Hire
The search and placement section serves permanent placement, direct hire, and blended service firms.

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