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ASA Staffing Industry Playbook

The ASA Staffing Industry Playbook is an annual economic analysis of the staffing and recruiting industry that provides data-driven information and insights critical to strategic planning and business development.

2023 Playbook

ASA Annual Economic Analysis2023 Staffing Industry Playbook

Is your company poised to increase market share, grow profits, and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the year ahead? Here is the data, industry-specific analysis, and sector-level information that will help you make strategic decisions. This playbook is the resource you need to ensure your company is prepared, agile, and successful.

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2022 Playbook

Business disruptions, especially as they pertain to the economy and employment, are increasingly becoming business as usual.


2021 Playbook

The effects of a global pandemic on the workforce and the economy make the data and analysis in this Staffing Industry Playbook even more valuable.


2020 Playbook

Here’s what you need to know about the U.S. staffing and recruiting industry, where it’s headed, and how you can make the most of this business intelligence.


2019 Playbook

Important economic and staffing industry data you can use to hone operational strategies for your business.


2018 Playbook

Decades of data clarified to bring into focus key staffing industry and economic trends.


2017 Playbook

What you need to know about the staffing and recruiting industry, where it's headed, and how you can make the most of the intelligence.

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